On April 04th 2022, our community had a chance to welcome  Mr. Jack – Business development of Viking Poker to join an AMA to deliver fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of the project.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

Viking Poker (https://viking.poker/#/) is a Play, earn and win crypto on the most popular MultiChain platform in Metaverse. 

At this AMA, Mr. Jack directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on the project  as well as some exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Time:  19:00 PM (UTC+7) | Monday, April 04th, 2022

Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyVN

Reward Pool: $200 for members with the best questions.


  1. First, please make a brief introduction of Viking Poker and some great achievements you has made in the Metaverse world.

Viking Poker: Sure. Basically, Vikingpoker we are not just a game, we are epic maker of crypto poker game platform.

Vikingpoker is the game under Vikings, same like me. Btw, I’m Jack, CBO from Vikings. 

We had this idea for poker game since last year, Sep.  It tooks us 6 month to form a team and finally we are now on 2nd Beta test.

It was not easy, every one from our team worked day and night. However, finally, players can freely claim NFT from ouer website and start playing and earning.

  1. Please the story behind the project idea and the occasion that lead your team to Viking Poker.

Viking Poker: Yeah, before we started, we noticed a lot of issues in Gamefi industry, not just game itself, also about the tokenomics.

Most of the game they have 2 kind of token there circulating throughtout the game. And most of them, if there is no new joiners, the players inside the game are only thinking about how long they can get their investment back.

However, to change this situation:

We have thought about only 1 token to circulate through all the games under Vikings;

And we need setup new systems that users or players have other ways to generate income. such as competition or through gameplay.

So, we decided to have poker game. However, it’s totally under legal policy. Eventhough, later on we will launch Texas Hold’em, but it will be totally entertainment and joy, not gambling.

  1. Could you please update some latest news or hot events of Viking Poker to enable further adoption?

Viking Poker: So, as you see our group name VikingpokerDAO, as in web3, we believe the power of every one who participates. In order to encourage everyone to contribute to the community, so that we started Community Partnership recruitment and also Community Building Program. Today, we finished the 1st round beta test, all the participants who gave us sueggestion and feedback, who login the game, they have been rewarded token-KING.

However, we started 2nd round, which is now, users or players still can claim free NFT from our website to participate. 

And we only give 200K NFT for players to user it freely to play and earn.  In order to generate more income, players can also evolve their NFT into higher rarity.

Currently, we started the event that, the first 100 players who obtained R rarity NFT, each one of them will be rewarded 200Usdt extra.


  1. From @Jasonnmoree

 NFT is the game changer, we still have a lot of untapped potential from NFTs due to the fact that the NFT industry is young and many users don’t know how to acquire them. A good proposal to make NFT accessible to all users will be a game change, please kindly share your methodologies. 

Viking Poker: To connect NFT with gaming is really an interesting idea.

Different from traditional game, here whatever you earn, it totally belongs to your own assets.

However, in traditional way, it still owns by the developers.

It makes huge difference for all the players.

Players here can easily trade and use to play and earn in the game.

For viking poker, we have only limited 200K free NFT that could let players to start playing and earning.

  1. From @hasan28d

Most users are looking for games with Play to Earn functionality as a new way to monetize and increase their income. What’s so attractive about how much money play can earn? How is income generated, just by selling NFT or native token? 

Viking Poker: As I said earlier, currently we even open free access to everyone to claim NFT from our website, and start P2E.

However, as a poker game, users can match and create the games as their wishes.

We have only 1 token-KING to circulate through out our platform. And once you have NFT, you will have full access to all other games under Vikings.

  1. From @GamaLidi

NFT gaming is currently adopted with a low player base due to the expensive initial cost for a new player to take part in the game. So what strategies are Viking Poker implementing to attract a large group of newcomers? What are your next steps to build a thriving community? 

Viking Poker: I mentioned before, players can freely start to play and earn by simply claim free NFT from our website.

Besides, there are 2 kind of players, 1 is with plenty of time, another 1 is only for investment.

To meet all the players requirement,  we invented Expedition for the users that want to lay down and earn. It will be totally different concept with Breeding in most of games.

  1. From @MasanariToyko

P2E concept is currently a trend among many blockchain-based game projects. Could you please list some prominent features that make Viking Poker ahead of other competitors? On the way of development, are there any challenges you overcame to achieve your ultimate goals? 

Viking Poker: I want to mention as following:

  1. 1 token-KING to circulate throughout the game and platform; Token to be produced only from game itself, and halve every 4 years.
  2. NFT to be used in all the games under Vikings.
  3. We set up NFT liquid pool for users to trade their NFT easily.
  4. Multichain function, which allows users to play and create games by using their own tokens from different chain, such as ETH, Polkadot, SOL, BSC, Polygon and so on.


  1. What is the minimum amount to invest?

Viking Poker:

So, as I said, you can claim free NFT from our website to srat playing and earning.

Currently, we have event that, if you claimed 1 free NFT from our website, then download and login our games, you will again get 2 extra NFT.

Also, we have new event, that, for the first 100 people who get R rarity NFT, he will be rewarded extra 200Usdt.

  1. The idea of project is really unique and incredible, how did this idea come about?

Viking Poker:

Well, we have this thought long time back.

Poker game can be entertainment and full of joy.

Meanwhile, we are going to have Flex mode that allows competition inside of Community. Like we can host competition for CryptoFamily, and everyone can play the game, winner will get reward from Prize pool.

Currently, we have only Royal Run, however, more game modes and gameplay will be enabled soon.


  1. What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Viking Poker:

Very good questions:

  1. One token system: We only have KING that circulate in all the games under Vikings. And KING holder will have the right for voting and also easy access to play all the games.
  2. 1 NFT but multiple games: We will have Viking party, Viking Legend and more games as well. With your NFT, you can freely access all the games.
  3. Multichain function, as you know, Texas Hold’em is very popular gameplay. With cross chain function, we will allow users to create and play the games by using their own tokens, similar works as Decentralized Exchange.
  4. Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

Viking Poker:

Basically, we have 11 smart contract that will be deployed.

And currently, token only produced by the players from the game itself.

We will do fair launching without any private sale.

Before we complete audition, we won’t publish our contract.

The security of investors’ private assets is our concern as well.

  1. Can you name how much investment you have to spend to start playing? How did the Viking Poker team make this project sustainable? What strategies do you have to make this game last for the long term?

Viking Poker:

As I mentioned it before, currently, we are giving free NFT for everyone.

You can simply claim it  by visiting our website: viking.poker and completing “Task”

Meanwhile, once you download and login the game, you will be gifted additional 2 NFT as well.

For the new event, the first 100 people who obtained R rarity NFT, each one of them will be rewarded additional 200Usdt.

By the way, we only have 200K free NFT that allow users to enter the game as well.

Best luck~

And for more rewards and for more details, please join us by:

Website  https://viking.poker/

Twitter  https://twitter.com/VikingPokerDAO

Discord  https://discord.gg/vikingpokerdao

Telegram https://t.me/vikingpokerdao

Channel: https://t.me/vikingpokerdaochannel

CF: 📍Seems like there’re many things to exchange, but I’m afraid the time is up now. For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information on the links provided below:

🔹Website  https://viking.poker/

🔹Twitter  https://twitter.com/VikingPokerDAO

🔹Discord  https://discord.gg/vikingpokerdao

🔹Telegram https://t.me/vikingpokerdao

🔹Channel: https://t.me/vikingpokerdaochannel




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