On April 9th 2022, our community had a chance to welcome Mr. Hoang Nam – Co-founder & CMO in NagaKingdom  to join an AMA to deliver fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of the project.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

Naga Kingdom (https://naga.gg/) is a multiplayer online game built on Solana Blockchain.

At this AMA,  Mr.Hoang Nam – Co-founder & CMO in NagaKingdom   directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on the project  as well as some exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Time:  19:00 PM (UTC+7) | Saturday April 9th, 2022

Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyVN

Reward Pool: $200 for members with the best questions.


  1. Could you please tell us about yourself and the core team of Naga Kingdom? What was the inspiration behind the idea of ​​​​building a multiplayer online game on Solana?


My full name is Nguyen Hoang Nam – Co Founder & CMO Nagakingdom. Core team has me and 4 other brothers . Team has 5 years of experience in outsourcing more than 100 Blockchain projects, Blockchain is the strength of the team. Realizing the opportunity in gamefi, the company has focused 100% of its resources on making Nagakingdom for more than 9 months, the total number of members at the company is nearly 40 people. Recognizing that Gamefi is not a Trend but a need and it has great potential in the future, so our Team has opened a Game Studio to focus on making IO games on Blockchain. We are very passionate about plowing day and night, hoping to bring a product that makes players happy when experiencing it, and we hope everyone will support the project in the long way ahead.

  1. Can you briefly introduce the gameplay of Naga Kingdom and the development roadmap for everyone to know?

Nagakingdom: Naga is not strange to everyone, because it’s a snake game from the time when you’ve played the phone, but now we put it on the Blockchain. Designed with a focus on user experience, relaxing while playing, easy to play, cute and easy to share, that’s Naga’s design thinking.

The game has 3 game modes:

+ Free To Earn: Free players also earn money, the more Naga players, the larger the Free mode reward pool

+ Play To Earn: To play the game, you can buy snakes directly (There are 12 types of snakes according to 12 different zodiacs priced from 100 – 1000 USDT), the publisher only sells snakes + 1, to get snakes +2, ..+7 you have to combine 5 snakes together to strengthen + higher. The second way is that you can buy eggs to break snakes, randomly like this, test your dignity ^^ Maybe many of you will like this part. NFTs Snake when you own it, there is no limit to the number of times you play in a day and the snake’s life is forever, no need to renew. When we play, we will receive keys, from which keys are used to open the chest and from the chest will come the rewards inside. The profit earned is from your SKILLS and LUCK.

+ Arena : In this mode, you buy tickets to the match in a match room (how skills will be placed in the first room like that). After 5 minutes of competition, those who are still alive will be divided 70% of the pool reward. And the remaining 30% will be put into the Free, P2E pool and the rest will be burned. The more Arena players, the more Pool Free earns. In this mode, success or failure depends on skills because you will be given snakes with the same stats, ensuring fairness

  1. Can you share with us what new features Naga Kingdom is currently developing, and what are the milestones that the community needs to pay attention to in the near future?


This is the Roadmap image of the project

Some recent events are as follows:

Upcoming event schedule

Mainnet & Limited Experience Event

Free trial period: April 15 – April 30

Registration period: April 15 – April 21 (14:00 UTC – 16:00 UTC)

Airdrop for Limited Experience Event: 04/30

The features in the game are almost complete, when the mainnet on April 15th you can buy NFTs or register to experience NFTs Naga Musk Free and play and earn right away, no need to wait


  1. From @Robiiiiinso

Game method to earn mined by many blockchain based NFT game projects. What is your plan to improve the experience of the monetization and adoption model globally? What makes investing in Naga Kingdom interesting and profitable? 


Thank you for your question Robiiiinso

#Nagakingdom is designed focusing on user experience, bringing comfort and relaxation when playing. As Naga’s Slogan is the most relaxing Game on Solana, choosing Solana to develop also aims to make the game smooth and low latency to optimize the experience when playing games.

I think whether in Vietnam or globally, the core of the product must be GOOD, for me when the product is good and the players are satisfied, the game will spread more easily and the marketing campaigns will also become more effective when the game itself is good.

Naga has a lot of interesting things, I want to spend this fun for you to discover when directly participating in the game, so it will be more interesting ❤️ There is a Free mode for you to play comfortably to watch the game. Is it suitable to invest money in?

  1. From @Erul1122

In terms of community, there is still a large audience in the gaming world that is not aware of the crypto and blockchain industry. Does Naga Kingdom have any plans to reach these people and be well received by all gaming communities? 


The team focused phase 1 on the Crypto users, but as you mentioned in the question about the Non – Crypto users, this is the big market that any gamefi developer wants to target.

A few things make it easier for Naga to access Non-Crypto users than other games:

+ The game is easy to play, cute and easy to share

+ Can top up via Sms according to the syntax for those who do not know how to buy Coin, Dev team has many years of experience in payment gateway solution

+ The game is available on Facebook’s GAMES section, you can play with friends and stream at the same time

+ Ref mechanism motivates players to share the game with friends more to receive commissions

+ Naga is supported by MKT by Accesstrade (Affiliate platform with millions of Publishers globally)

+ There are many other MKT strategies to focus on Non-Crypto users that I’m not convenient to Public at this stage, stay tuned

  1. From @BalaHatun32k

Security is the top concern of every project. But now, a lot of tokens and blockchains have been hacked, so what security mechanisms does Naga Kingdom have? And do you have user insurance? 

Nagakingdom: In terms of security, hacking is something anyone who invests in Blockchain projects is interested in. But we need to be frank with each other that even ETH was hacked, or Axie was recently hacked for $600 million, and there are many more hacked projects.

Nagakingdom can only do their best, this problem is not predictable, and it is also risky to participate in crypto and blockchain.

Even a project with an Audit has not said anything, Audit can be bought with money, but it cannot guarantee the security of the project.

We hope everyone can understand this matter, the team has many senior personnel, Naga will try its best to ensure the safety of investors.

  1. From @tilney_marjorie

NFT games are becoming more and more popular in the Blockchain environment, but many of them are dying because of the lack of profitable economic model. Will building on Solana ensure long-term profitability for users? What makes NFT different from the usual games? 


I agree with you, a lot of games the team worked on with great enthusiasm but still died because of the money flow in the game

This depends on the cash flow design mindset

Naga applies 100% statistical probability to the payout, I believe this is the difference with other games

We don’t Fomo about ROI, but you see that games that only payback in 1-3 months die very quickly, we can’t expect a sustainable game that has a short ROI.

As for NFTs: You have 2 ways to play the game, 1 is to buy eggs to break and 2 to buy solid NFTs +1, the publisher only sells snakes +1

To own snakes +2…+7 we have to strengthen from 5 snakes +1 to get to higher +, not just spend money to buy rare NFTs, in my opinion it’s not that rare anymore. If the enhancement fails 100% NFTs +1 will be burned

  1. From @Jasonnmoree

A major problem of the NFT community is the poor control of the supply and circulation of native tokens leading to a massive price drop. Can you explain to us about Naga Kingdom’s traffic reduction strategies and how you hope to maintain it in the long term? 


Naga’s total supply is 1 billion and 35 Naga is burned every time a new person joins. With the goal of 10 million users, Naga has burned 350 million coins, this is true, but the team still tries their best with that goal, in addition, you buy eggs with Naga when opening eggs, if you are not lucky to get solid NFTs, the amount Naga buys Eggs will be completely burned, so Naga is deflation

And Maga is a reward token, Maga will be born in blocks and will be halved every year

Maga is used as a fee when buying additional storage

Maga is burned in Arena mode

Maga is used as a transaction fee

… Lots of mechanisms to help tokens deflate

Besides, the project does not raise the Private and does not sell IDO, so external tokens are very few ❤️

Many thanks to everyone who spend time for watch!


  1. How long will each game take? If I don’t have a lot of time to play games, can I rent out my NFTs or stake them, right?


With Nagakingdom you are not required to play time

15 minutes is fine or you can play all day, but if you want high profits, of course you have to spend a lot of time playing.

Each snake NFTs is played unlimited times of the day and the snake’s lifespan is forever

As for rent – lease in Naga, you can consider this, Naga does not have Staking at the moment.

In the future, there will be more features to support those who do not have much time to still be able to earn and earn quite well with Naga

  1. Does the project have a Bug Bounty to check for weakness? And does the team have any plans to make the project more complete?


The project is currently running a Bug Bounty program before the mainnet is released on April 15th

CF family can join and receive rewards here

⚡️ Join our Bug Bounty Campaign (6 – 10 Apr, 2022) to receive hot appealing rewards! 👉 Fill in this form (https://forms.gle/1ZmJjmE5VqVeyzDC9)

💎 Lucky BUG seekers: 10 random PET NFTs for 10 community members who find bugs.

💎 NFT combination: 10,000 keys to open magical chests (when connect wallets). Magical chests can be combined to level-up or opened to even HOTTER rewards.

🎁 More details about EXTRA REWARDS (https://t.me/naga_kingdom/95) in the #bugbounty.

#solanagame #freetoearn

  1. Play to earn is a good mechanism to attract first time players. However, it will create a mindset in the player’s mind that they play to get paid, not for the gameplay itself. The proof is that most other crypto games have a play to earn mechanism, the players are the main money hunters, not yet this game attracts players with simple gameplay. Does the team have any special measures to overcome this problem? 

Nagakingdom: I believe a game will have a lot of targeting groups who want to participate

Some people just want to play for fun, but some people want to earn extra income, some people like the luck in the game.

Naga has enough elements to serve as many users as possible as there are 3 game modes and these 3 will support each other

Since this is Gamefi, it is understandable for investors to prioritize financial issues when entering the game

However, in the long term, Naga wants to promote the most is Arena mode, where players can buy tickets and compete against each other, this will help the game go longer than other games that only focus on P2E.

  1. Security is also an important thing, now there are a number of projects that are hacked and cheated after launch, leading to long-term maintenance, even closing? So does the project have any plans to protect the system safety of the game as well as the customers?


Security is like I answered in part 2 of the Ama

As for the issue of cheats in recent gamefis, I see a lot

As for Naga, I’m confident that I can’t Cheat because it’s a game of success or failure in skill, we need to control the snake to play the game, not Click To Earn, so if you want to play a lot of acc you need to hire a lot of people. It is difficult to plug in an Auto machine to plow

So you can rest assured when participating in the game!

  1. According to the roadmap, what is the next most important project priority? Does your team have enough funding and a strong community to hit those milestones?


According to the roadmap, after the Mainnet, the team will focus on MKT pulling users

Not raising private and IDO round capital is also very beneficial for the project, but the risk is that the team spends its own capital to make and operate.

As you all know, calling too much Private round is also a double-edged sword that causes projects to lose motivation because they have called a lot, the pressure to release tokens is so great that projects cannot support the price, leading to death or loss or Delay the token payment schedule

Want to create a different game, Naga invested its own money and the old team committed to focusing 100% of all resources on Naga to be a game that makes users happy and supports the game.

During this gloomy gamefi period, I hope everyone will support the project, so that the project will soon achieve good results in the near future.

CF: 📌 Looks like there’s a lot to talk about, but I’m afraid time is running out. For all the questions that are still unanswered, please find more information at the links provided below:

🔗Telegram: https://t.me/nagakingdom

🔗Twitter: https://twitter.com/NagaKingdom

🔗Website: https://naga.gg/

🔗Discord: https://discord.com/invite/nagakingdom




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