On March 27th 2022, our community had a chance to welcome  Sebastián Šooš – CBO of CryptoCitizen to join an AMA to deliver fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of the project.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

CryptoCitizen (https://cryptocitizen.world/home) is a unique, online world crypto immersive experience with a breathtaking storyline, waiting for you to become a main character. 

At this AMA, Sebastián Šooš – CBO of CryptoCitizen directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on the project  as well as some exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Time:  20:00 PM (UTC+7) | Sunday, March 27th, 2022

Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyVN

Reward Pool: $300 for members with the best questions.


  1. Could you please tell us about yourself and core team of CryptoCitizen ? What was the inspiration behind the idea of this MMO RPG Futuristic Metaverse ? 


I, myself have taken interest in the cryptocurrency market in 2017. I’ve always loved the conception of the graphs, whether it was college or financial markets. To get better, I’ve spent countless hours of my life studying technical analysis. I’ve managed to work as a technical analyst since 2019 in the biggest Czechoslovak communities, but I’ve felt the greed for something new. Thanks to my previous skills and experience, I’ve been asked by Rastislav to join the company in its beginnings, so here I am.

Our entire team consists of hardcore gamers and we’ve been seeking something that would be sufficient for our requirements in the cryptocurrency segment, we didn’t manage to find anything, so we had to come up with our own game 😊. I am extremely happy for the initial growth of the metaverse in its current form and wish success to every company out there that is trying its best. However, I believe that there is an enormous amount of potential that hasn’t been delivered yet to the scene, and I am sure that we have managed to compound a team to raise the bar even higher.

  1. Can you introduce the gameplay features of CryptoCitizen that makes it ahead of the others?


⚡️ Rewards in Alpha Test 2.0 ⚡️

We promised you great changes in the reward system of the CryptoCitizen Alpha Test 2.0. It’s time to dive in! 👊

Time is money. This is particularly true in Metropolit, where your very survival depends on it.💸

Step up your game and buckle up for the attractive rewards we’ve prepared for you. All you need to do is prove to us and to your adversaries that YOU have what it takes to be the leader! 🏆☠️

Get a taste of the new reward system in Alpha Test 2.0⚡️

📖 Read more HERE (https://qorpogames.medium.com/get-ready-drag-races-alpha-test-2-0-is-launching-soon-e701a8972215)👈 

See you soon, Citizens!

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Drag Races

This gaming mode is the easiest to begin with as you only need an NFT avatar and an NFT vehicle to start racing. Every vehicle has its own special attributes, looks, design and possible upgrade options. When you own these two NFTs, you can start racing and destroying your opponents while making a certain amount of $CCASH based on your gaming skills and instincts.

Fighting Games

Fighting Games are PvP fights and turn-based games. There are different kinds of Fighters (e.g. Snitch, Gangster) and Bosses (e.g. Nero, Elektra) you can choose from and start battling and earning $CCASH simultaneously. You will need 3 fighters/bosses to enter this gaming mode and you’ll meet opponents with similar skill levels so the game is fair and transparent.

This final phase of CryptoCitizen will offer an open world next-gen AAA sandbox gaming experience where players progress from poor suburbs all the way to the downtown of Metropolit. Crypto Citizen is a massive multiplayer online RPG, where players become real citizens of the Metropolit city and fight for their wealth.

CryptoCitizen will offer a complete in-game ecosystem where gamers only need 1 character to start playing. Crypto Citizen will be controlled from a 3rd person view in all directions in a 3D environment. This phase is an open world with high attention to detail and an action packed gameplay with perks like the Portal Feature or Purge Event.

Play-and-earn (P&E) gaming is revolutionary but in almost all cases, players need to invest in NFTs before they can play. The CryptoCitizen Portal Feature will offer NFT enthusiasts and gamers a chance to try out the game before investing a single dime! All you need to do is deposit some gaming NFT and you will get a rented metaverse avatar or vehicle for free which you can use to earn $CCASH.

  1. Can you share with us some major updates to draw much attention in the near future?


I’d say that in terms of game development, it’s definitely Fighting games coming soon. I really enjoy the visualizations and mechanics of this turn-based combat mode. If everything will go smoothly, we will soon have an alpha launch for our holders. 😄


  1. From @realfanxx

“CryptoCitizen” is an NFT Game. How will they keep NFT production and demand in perfect balance for their market and asset values from plummeting? How will you ensure that the reward for players remains stable and attractive to encourage mass adoption? 

CryptoCitizen: This is a good question that we have taken into account. I don’t want to reveal much, but CryptoCitizen will include a mechanism that’ll help you to merge/upgrade your items with some potential risk/reward, therefore there’s not a huge chance of ever seeing the same items. Players will be able to make their own ingame NFTs from factories and such, but it would be in their best interest to keep the supply as low as possible due to the rarity, therefore you will have to be smart about the item crafting system.

  1. From @Lidiamga

 Most NFT games only focus on profits, as this is one of the major attractions of NFT games. So, does you focus heavily on the player experience in and out of the games to create a balance for playing and earning because that is the trend the market is tending towards presently? 

CryptoCitizen: Absolutely. We aim to make the environment pleasant for people to actually play the game, not just to make money. We are aware of the fact that the main goal of the players will be to make money, but there will be many options in the game that will make you think twice about how you want to spend your CCASH, as it will be very important to also invest back into your account to become stronger.

  1. From @Alley19399335x

Due to the unstable market conditions recently, is everything going according to plan? Are there any technical barriers that you think could pose limitations for mass adoption and expansion? Where do you expect to see CryptoCitizen in a year from now on? 


Well, this is not something that anyone can influence, therefore we hope that market will be in a great condition once we’re ready to list the token. At the moment we didn’t experience any serious technical barriers that would limit us, so I can’t tell, hopefully there won’t be any. I see CryptoCitizen on 1st page of coinmarketcap. 😊 We definitely consider ourselves in TOP3 Metaverse projects that are out there.

4. From @JuliaJery1

Now that GameFi and Meta have emerged as new CCASHCitizen  in the crypto world, how does NFT put these concepts into practise and maximise the benefits for players? In what ways can participants truly engage in your in-game features while also contributing to future development? 


Metaverse is a world with unlimited options in terms of gaming. Let’s take a look for example at current world game leaders such as League of Legends, Counter Strike Global offensive or for example Dota2. There are millions of people playing every day to be the best in the games to reach high ranks and get the job of their dreams, to be full-time players. Unfortunately for most of them, this is impossible just due to the structure of the current gaming monetization system, as there are capacity limits for everything. We can already see a huge inflow of money into the metaverse, definitely we can imagine some huge gaming organizations like G2, Fnatic, or Team Liquid coming into the crypto, having their own fanbase tokens, NFTs or organizing their own tournaments for their players or a club can become a DAO. This offers a huge amount of opportunities for the regular players to make their dreams come true in terms of global support. Simply, it’s increasing the percentage of all users that are getting paid for their time in the games. This is, for example, one of the aspects that have to be taken into the account. 

I hope I have answered your question as I’ve taken this a bit generally 😃

  1. From @Crypto1326_Uq

There are two things that interest me when experience a new project, the first is “team expansion”. The second is the “marketing strategy and adoption plan”. Can you give us more details on these two aspects? What are the target market do you plan to expand? 


We are continuously acquiring new team members that help us with the development and we plan to continue doing so, as there’s still so much work to be done. Let’s say we are still not mainly focusing on marketing, as our main goal at the moment is to make the best game possible to have the perfect product. You can see for example in many comparisons, that the product we already have is miles ahead of the competition with insane cinematic trailers. We definitely plan to attract a playerbase from around the globe.


  1. Hello Sebastian, I would like to ask if you plan to release your game on phones as well


Hello Michele, we absolutely plan to release a mobile version of the game, but it will be done after the official desktop version that is planned to be released at the end of Q4 2022.

  1. Hello Sebastian, I have question regarding metaverses. Do you think there will be one major metaverse in the future for all the projects or there will be many competitive metaverses?


Hello, I think that it’s almost guaranteed that there will be some sort of a bridging available between the projects, of course they will have to be similar, we won’t have robots running in the medieval era 😃

  1. Hii ☺️ Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space? 


This is a good question, our game designing team is continuously working on making the best version possible.

  1. According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal?CryptoCitizen:

Absolutely, we have strong foundation and partners, therefore we won’t have any cashflow problems for some time. Our priority is to finish the game, in a short term its a release of Fighting games

  1. I read that each car has 4 attributes which are redistributed by the VRF chainlink technology after printing’. I’m curious, how many different types of cars are there in @CCASHCitizen ? And how can the user upgrade his vehicle?


Haha, I can’t tell yet as we plan to continouously add new ones. Users will be able to craft and upgrade their vehicles through the ingame mechanism

CF: Thank you so much for taking your time to join our AMA today, as well as thanks for hundreds of good questions from our community.

❗️Seems like there’re many things to exchange, but I’m afraid the time is up now. For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information on the links provided below:

➡️Website: https://cryptocitizen.world/home

➡️Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCASHCitizen

➡️Telegram: https://t.me/CCASHCitizen

➡️Discord: http://www.discord.gg/cryptocitizen



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