On April 29th 2022, our community had a chance to welcome Ali Osman Cibikdiken – CEO of TrueFeedBack to join an AMA to deliver fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of the project.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

🔎 TrueFeedBack (http://www.truefeedback.io/) is a blockchain-based data collection and analytics platform.

At this AMA, TrueFeedBack directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on the project as well as some exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Time:   20:00 PM (UTC+7) | Friday, April 20th, 2022

Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyVN

Reward Pool: $200 for members with the best questions.

Below are some main points of this AMA session:


  1. Can you introduce TrueFeedBack?


Founded in 2018, TrueFeedBack is a data and blockchain solutions company that is focusing on data economy and providing products that merge real world companies with the blockchain world. TrueFeedBack is building a blockchain-based ecosystem to transform data into value.

TrueFeedBack, within the ecosystem it has created, focuses on the technologies necessary to develop innovative products that will turn all kinds of data into profit in the real sector and the crypto world. TrueFeedBack develops its products with blockchain infrastructure, big data analysis platform and machine learning algorithms and offers them to the service of users and companies.

In addition to our data solutions that are offered over TFB Blackstar mobile application, TrueFeedBack is also launching a DeFi platform, Tegisto, which will provide financial solutions and help tokenize company products. There will also be new projects launching on the gaming world and companies launching their products with the help of TrueFeedBack.

  1. That is quite a big ecosystem! How can someone be a part of this ecosystem? As user or investor?

TrueFeedBack: To be a user you can just download the TFB Blackstar mobile application (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trueefeedbackchain.bountypoll & https://apps.apple.com/app/tfb-blackstar/id1540246904 )  and start earning TFBX tokens by doing tasks, reading news, filling surveys, watching ads and even playing games.

Once launched, you can also take advantages of Tegisto and farm in high return farms or make use of investing on the IDO’s of projects and be the first to invest!

If you would like to invest in TFBX, you can simply buy the token on MEXC, Bitglobal, Bitget, Bittrex, Hotbit or Ubeswap. You can also stake your tokens on the Celo network on our website to keep earning residual income.

  1. I believe you will be announcing the roadmap at this AMA. Thank you for choosing our platform! Can you elaborate on the 2022 TrueFeedBack Roadmap?

TrueFeedBack: Sure, 2022 is going to be big! It is so big that we couldn’t just list all that we were going to do and instead we are displaying our roadmap in themes. The themes of 2022 are:

TFB Blackstar developments with Web 3.0: We have successfully developed TFB Blackstar application as a significant crypto-marketing tool that helps tokens and exchanges gain traction and attract new users. We will be announcing more partnerships in the future and provide these services to anyone interested in growing their community. TFB Blackstar will be a decentralized application by the end of 2022! We already made big progress in this sense and will launch tests of various features throughout the year! All of our features will be decentralized and anyone with TFBX token will be able to advertise or use any features to their liking.

DeFi and Company Tokenization initiative with Tegisto: We are launching Tegisto within this quarter and we will also have our first company tokenization on the Tegisto platform within Q2 of 2022! Hopefully we will have more company tokenizations within the year and finally integrate TFB Blackstar with Tegisto platform by the end of the year!

Data Analytics: We will test and then launch Business Analytics Suite before the final quarter of the year. With this suite, businesses will easily use all features on TFB Blackstar without needing any outside help and thus making TFB Blackstar even more decentralized. We will add Machine Learning features to this suite within the final quarter of 2022.

Blockchain Technologies: We are launching the first blockchain game developed by TrueFeedBack in Q2! This is a vital step towards our presence in the gaming field and many more surprises may arise within the year. As many of our projects are going to be a DAO, we will test DAO ecosystem and are aiming to launch it by the end of the year.

Expansion: TFB Capital will be launched in Q2 of 2022. This company will invest in promising up-and-coming projects and also allow TFB holders to be a priority on these projects. Due to our academic background, we are already focused on educating masses on technology, coding and blockchain. In the past, we sponsored game developing camps, educated people and helped different blockchain groups flourish. We will be doing such activities under TFB-Education as of Q4. This will be an important step to grow our philanthropy and educate young individuals in Turkey and around the world.

Multichain Strategy: As a part of our Multichain strategy we successfully launched a bridge between Ethereum, BSC and CELO networks on Multichain.org. We will be adding these bridging options to TFB Blackstar and Tegisto and even rewarding people with different chains or even tokens on TFB Blackstar mobile application.

That’s it for now. You can refer to this picture for the brief titles in the roadmap.


1.From @Naturalium8508

Can you talk about the staking program? Is it live? Since I’m quite interested in joining but not getting much details till now. 

TrueFeedBack: Yes, we have opened staking only a few days ago and received great feedback from our community. We are currently distributing 1 million TFBX tokens on CELO Network a week and already reached 229 million TFBX tokens locked! The current APR is at 22% and we believe as investors hear more about the staking program more will use it. We will be doubling the rewards as of next week, so get your tokens ready!

You can access to Staking Program on here: www.stake.truefeedback.io

  1. From @Waston8332

I would like to know what Tegisto is, and when it will be launched. Could you give more insights on this matter? 

TrueFeedBack: Tegisto is a turnkey DeFi platform that has features such as swapping, yield farming, staking Launchpad, incubation and company tokenization. It is run by DAO, which is the Tegisto token holders. We will be starting the first round of seed sales of Tegisto token in a week or two and we hope to gather as much as 750 million TFBX through the sales. (Sales will be done through TFBX) We will burn 250 million TFBX upon completing the sales and lock up the remaining 500 million TFBX tokens. That means, 1/3 of all TFBX tokens which are circulating will be gathered!

  1. From @tronghoang3551

I read some info about Oceanland but a little confused of its features. Is Oceanland related to TrueFeedBack? 

TrueFeedBack: Yes, Oceanland is a blockchain based NFT game that is powered by TrueFeedBack. The game is on testnet right now and will be live with the CEX listing. The game IDO will be held at two of the most prestigious platforms available, GameFi and RedKite. You can check out Oceanland website for more information: https://oceanland.io/

and you can test also on http://testnet.oceanland.io

  1. From @Ngocthai2419

Can you elaborate on what you mean by data economy? This is relatively a new aspect in the Blockchain world. 

TrueFeedBack: TrueFeedBack revolves around a data economy where companies buy TFBX and use them for payment to reach users and gather information about their habits. The information is filtered through our data analytics tools and are shared on a reportable format. This is a shared economy where not only the platform but the users earn through their engagement.

  1. From @hoangnguyennamm

 Will TFB Blackstar always be a marketing tool? 

TrueFeedBack: TFB Blackstar will evolve to become the social media tool for the blockchain community. This will be a platform where users not only view content but they will be rewarded for the content they produce and engagement is transparent and rewarded on a quantitative basis. We are hoping that TFB Blackstar with its Web3 approach will evolve to be the social media hub for the crypto community in the near future.


  1. About TFB mobile application, I would like to know if there’s age limit as regards those that can use the app? Also, what kind of surveys can we solve in other to earn TFBX tokens? Is it educational or sport or music or politics? How does the survey reward scoring mechanism work?


Good question. there is no age limit to use the app. there are many topics including but not limited to sports, music and everyday life. The more accurate answers you give the more surveys you will receive over time. In addition, there are features such as games, ads, tasks and news from which you can earn TFBX tokens.

  1. Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?


Currently, we are partners with projects like Celo on a global level. We also have formed strong alliances with some other top crypto tokens but will disclose them when the time is right for both parties.

  1. Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?


We are lucky to have a group of investors who are not short minded and can see the big picture. We have been working very hard the last few years and we are finally at a point in which we will release many projects and partnerships which our investors will be among the first to take advantage of.

  1. Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?


We have a very open relationship with our community. We try to do an AMA at the end of every month. We listen to their proposals and try to manage their expectations. It is not easy but we do our best to make our product as user friendly and investor friendly as possible. We set up test groups for our product updates and they give us feedback on the product. We try to implement their feedback into the product.

  1. Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?


In addition to the token burn and lock-up plan I mentioned with the IDO of Tegisto. We also set up a burn program to burn 10% of all TFB Blackstar transactions. These burns will be automatic over time but currently they are being done in a quarterly basis.

CF: Thank you so much for taking your time to join our AMA today, as well as thanks our members for raising hundreds of good questions for the project.

Seems like there’re many things to learn more, but I’m afraid the time is up now. For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information on the links provided below:

🌐 Follow Twitter TrueFeedBack: https://twitter.com/Truefeedback_io

🌐 Join Telegram TrueFeedBack: https://t.me/TrueFeedback



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