On March 31st 2022, our community had a chance to welcome  Malte Christensen – CEO of DAO Labs to join an AMA to deliver fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of the project.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

DAO Labs (https://www.daolabs.com/) is a Social Mining, the VC Killer, promoting 21st Century Jobs on a global scale.

At this AMA, Malte Christensen – CEO of DAO Labs directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on the project  as well as some exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Time:  19:00 PM (UTC+7) | Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyVN

Reward Pool: $200 for members with the best questions.


  1. Could you please tell us about yourself and core team of DAO Labs ? What was the inspiration behind the idea of this Social Mining platform ?

DAO Labs: 

Yes I remember having the session with your awesome community for DOA Maker, thank you for having me. My name is Malte Christensen, CEO of DAO Labs. Our team is comprised of experts who have worked on DAO Maker, NEM, QTUM, CELO, EOS and other notable projects. Shuyong Yang, COO of DAO Labs, and I originate both from DAO Maker and founded DAO Labs. Karl Hedin Sånemyr, CTO, and Dmitri Perepelkin, CIO of DAO Labs came from QTUM, one of the oldest blockchains. 

Social Mining creates jobs by building a new generation of Labour and allowing everyone, no matter their status, an opportunity to become stakeholders. 

The inspiration came from “for the people, by the people”, and hence social mining was built 3 years ago. This allows the community to become part of the team, excluding the toxic culture of VC’s that do nothing but harm the project.

This approach has been proven to be fruitful since the implementation of the AVAX Social Mining Platform, community.avax.network, back in 2019.

  1. Can you introduce the key benefits that DAO Labs is aiming to bring to the community?

DAO Labs: Social Mining, the flagship product of DAO Labs was built on the sole purpose to incentivize the hard working community that it is otherwise often disregarded. Community gets to actively take part, engage and put their skills to use for the betterment of the projects. Users’ social media accounts are connected through direct API links and allow users to monetize on every tweet and every engagement. Further user can apply for jobs and actively become part of the decentralized team that helps the project grow. At DAO Labs, we believe individuals who add more value should receive bigger dividends than VC’s, hence we are excluding VCs completely and only engage with strategic partners, tier 1 exchanges, wallets, payment processors & staking platforms who add to the ecosystem growth

  1. Can you share with us some major updates to gain much attention in the near future?

DAO Labs: Social Mining V2 will be the genesis of Social Mining V1 and will continue to evolve thanks to the support of several grant programs and input of our advisors and team from several top 100 Coins. Notable milestones include the introduction of the previous mentioned enhanced multi token benefits or Collective User Performance Yield — CUPY, which allows us to deliver unprecedented APY to a selected user base by showing top 100 coins that these users bring more value than they cost. 

In other words we show that users are ROI positive and deserve to get paid higher APY on their staked tokens. We can deliver up to 3x more yield than the current market standard on specific top 100 assets using Social Mining, simply because these users deserve higher APY and it is still a win win for everyone because the value is delivered in the form of for example: content, designs, development work or simply social media engagements

📣 Before we move on to the next segment, please join DAO Labs community to get more info about this project:

DAO Labs Website: https://daolabs.com/

DAO Labs News: https://t.me/DaoLabsNews

DAO Labs Telegram: https://t.me/DaoLabs

DAO Labs Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDAOLabs

DAO Labs Medium: https://medium.com/dao-labs

DAO Labs YouTube: https://bit.ly/3Jy3eW2

📰News on Daolabs.com:

⛏ DAO Labs just launched its Social Mining platform 

Join DAOVERSE here => https://community.daolabs.com/

🆕 New to Social Mining❔

Read Social Mining documentation: https://docs.daolabs.com/


1.From @Maccaao

 Marketing strategy feature of any program, since it guarantees that everyone is aware of the program’s prospective and that the goals will be achieved. What is your plan for attracting new consumers and investors to your system and keeping them longterm? 

DAO Labs:

Social Mining, through its unique mechanism produces organic communities. It has already been in the space for 3 years and leverages on the monetization of Social media and users individual skills, we streamline users contributions and aim to get quality content viral. That means a company can source designers, content creators, programmers, marketeers etc through their own community organically on top of using each individuals social media accounts and recruit them into the team if they generate enough reputation. We attract and build communities since our time at DAO Maker and have started this product even before the IDO launchpad. 

Social Mining will continue to create jobs for the retail users, while contributing to the organizational growth via a merit based system, 

emphasizing the power of community yet again through the use of Quadratic Voting. 

Social Mining only grants token holders and contributors the right to benefit from the incentives and earn allocations,

allowing them to govern, work, and earn within the community. This allows users to generate more income through allocations on multiple top 100 coins and startups

by truly providing value to projects. No VCs will steal the token gains that belong to the retail users

2.From @yahhabibii88

I read that the $LABOR token will provide the opportunity for holders to participate in the governance. How much is the minimum necessary amount of tokens to have the minimum possible voting power? In addition to participating in governance, what other benefits do holders receive?


DAO Labs: From the current metrics, it’s 10$ worth of LABOR tokens ( for now we use BUSD to reward user contributions until LABOR has launched ), which can be subjected to change to be eligible to vote, however voting and the other existing functions such as referral, reddit, discord, tik tok and medium will be only made accessible to users who have proven themselves worthy

and have spend time on the platform. Activities are open and tasks are fixed by the team. Good work will be rewarded by reputation which determines the ILO allocation a user can receive and CUPY Yield is the reward users can generate through the diff. top 100 coins APY programs.

On top of that we’ll implement the mobile app, which similar to the swiping mechanism on Tinder allows users to accelerate their work performance by 3 x on multiple platforms. Thus generating more LABOR by serving on multiple top 100 projects at the same time. The next introduced will be Polygon HUB and WAX HUB.

  1. From  @Lidiamga

With DAO Labs, community is a very important part, as evidenced by the “Community Board”. Currently speaking, what is the size of your community? For projects that want to make use of the DAO Labs platform for their development, Will there be a form of vetting process?

DAO Labs: We are also extremely proud of the communities we have generated via Social Mining in the previous years with the AVAX Social Miners being the biggest one at 22,000 active workers.

In total this community counts 50k on all platforms and channels and is fiercely hungry to grow and succeed to new heights. Yes there is a vetting process, referrals where users can earn 10% of their referred friends work drops on top ( 110% ) , are only granted to users who have generated 1Reputation and all social media reward programs are only accessible to users who have successfully used the twitter module  before.

  1. From  @JuliaJery1

Regarding your Initial Labo Offering (ILO), could you give us details of it? What requirements do we really have to meet to participate in them? In which platforms will they take place and do we still have time to participate?

DAO Labs: Yes the ILO, The Initial Labour Offering, serves as a mechanism to allow users to be fairly rewarded for their work to make the project grow. The first ever ILO in history will be conducted on DAO Labs very own LABOR token. Users can earn allocations by softstaking a deposit on Social Mining and pay for the allocations through the merit of their work not through their money. In simple terms, why should a company pay 1000s of USD for KOLS or influencers if the community delivers better work organically. We are replacing the current toxic system of VCs and KOLs taking the biggest share for the lowest amount of work. It’s the community of retail users Binance and other big exchanges care about and not the influencers or VCs that pretend to be the gateway but do nothing. We allow users to build up a performance index that is open to top 100 coins and promising startups so their token allocations

 only go to users that haven proven themselves to be active workers. Then these top users can earn considerably more than any VC. You have to apply for a Job, get validated and deliver the work, once you do that, more jobs will open up for you, allowing you to level up (level 1 – level 5) which means you can generate up to 500% of the initial allocation you applied for.

  1. From @BrutyTamela

Could you please share detailed token metrics of $LABOR? Who has the right to vote in the DAO to share the governance right within your platform? What are your next big steps for project expansion and product upgrade in the next quarter of 2022? 

DAO Labs: 

Yes the ILO round of 1 million USD is the biggest and best in regards to vesting and TGE unlock. All other rounds don’t give as many benefits. This rounds only goes to the community that generated reputation through their work ( by picking a job ) and social media contributions. Users are paying with their work hours and hard work in the form of reputation and not with stable coins.  We are completing 10 top 100 coin Social Mining Platforms in 2022 and will model the ILO system in a launchpad by the end of Q3 and after the Labor token launches. We also create a multi coin platform, the Planet DAO, where users can multi farm APY through softstaking tokens, that means users can always keep access to their coins, and generate multiple income yield on different top 100 coin platforms.


1.Can you list 1-4 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

DAO Labs: 

1 ) Social Mining has a long legacy of building Communities, it generated more than 1 million quality engagements ( tweets likes, shares etc ), 2 ) Exclusion of VCs ( that means no allocations are wasted and it reduces the dumping power on exchanges ), 3 ) The ILO will turn crypto fundraising into the new job market of the future and give allocations to the new decentralized team members of the community, 4 ) DAO Lab’s team of very smart people from multiple top 100 coins and deals with several of the old OG Blockchains that allow us to give users CUPY, the highest yield possible in the current market on f.e. QTUM.

  1. Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

DAO Labs:

yes more than 80% actually, if users give up their LABOR allocation, they lose governance rights and the rights to the best jobs on any of the existing or coming Social Mining platforms. Influence is dependent on the soft staked amount, reputation ( quality of work ) and points ( quantity of work ) are not. So there is an opportunity cost associated to dumping the token but at the same time users can still earn good reputation and points to advance their levels, however only the long term believers and holders will achieve the highest level ( level 5 ) which means the highest allocation ( 500% of original job allocations )

  1. Hello.. Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

DAO Labs:

This is an important question, we believe in the real world application of Social Mining. If you look at car comanies like BMW or fashion companies like Armani, they have many followers and fans who produce organic content on Social Media every day. This content goes unused and is not managed. Social Mining can organize this content in a way that it works in the most beneficial way for these companies allowing users to grow closer to the brands they already love. It also allows these loyal brand sympathizers to receive acknowledgement and perks through items or merchandize from their favorite brands. BMW, for example in Canada already started to excepted crypto for cars or related items which is a first step in montizing and decentralizing community.

  1. PARTNERS are the most important that strengthen the ecosystems of all projects. Could you tell us about your project partners and the partnership strategy it has adopted?

DAO Labs:

Partners are essential for expanding our ecosystem as we aim to transfer the industry from “the rich get richer” to a merit-based drive. 

Projects that have use or have used Social

Mining include Avalanche, Elrond Network, Polygon, NEM & Symbol, Harmony, Injective Protocol, Orion Protocol, and LTO Network. Every Social Mining platform is unique i.e. a highly customizable SaaS solution depending on the projects’ needs. Otherwise we only believe in 4 different groups of strategic partners: Non custodial wallets, tier 1 exchanges, payment processors who drive adoption and staking programs who link up to existing social mining modules.

Working with non-blockchain projects & organizations is also one of our strategic approaches, as Social Mining provides:

– 21st-century jobs.

– Allowing people to have additional income during events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

– Providing social stability and economic sustainability.

Allowing Users to generate an own multi yield portfolio by leveling up their reputation score. Please see our statement here: Maybe the kind admins here can post it and one of you would like to provide the Vietnamese translation at community.daolabs.com – 


  1. Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

DAO Labs:

We have come a long way since the start of Social Mining back in 2019, Social Mining can be used as a short term launch campaign rewarding users in tokens and allocations or even stable coins or become the long term motor for growth, including and effectively making the community the team. The big challenge is to filter and showcase value of every user and exclude VCs from the ever evolving space of Blockchain. We received a  great contribution that illustrates this perfectly : https://community.daolabs.com/cboard/activity/73-the-rise-of-dao-labs-vcs-get-rekt/ .  We have come a long way since the start of Social Mining back in 2019 and many companies tried to copy us and none of them succeeded. We continue to look ahead of us as we look to evolve to Social Mining V2 through the ILO and with it the whole crypto industry

CF: 🌟 Seems like there’re many things to learn more, but I’m afraid the time is up now. For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information on the links provided below:

🔗 DAO Labs Website: https://daolabs.com/

🔗 DAO Labs News: https://t.me/DaoLabsNews

🔗 DAO Labs Telegram: https://t.me/DaoLabs

🔗 DAO Labs Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDAOLabs

🔗 DAO Labs Medium: https://medium.com/dao-labs

🔗 DAO Labs YouTube: https://bit.ly/3Jy3eW2




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