On September 19th, our community had a chance to welcome PetKingdom – 
 This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the lastest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

 At this AMA, the PetKingdom directly greeted the community and provided detailed information as well as some key products and future plans.

 Time: 20:00 PM (UTC + 7) on Friday Sep 19th, 2021

Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyVN 

Airdrop 200 USDT for the best questions in the AMA.

 is an available role-playing game. This is an exciting P2E game that immerses players in the experience of exploring and battling on the Solar System’s planets as well as beyond the Andromeda Galaxy.

Below are some main points of this AMA:

Question for Part 1- Project overview

Question 1: please introduce briefly about your team and some prominent features of PetKingdom.

PetKingDom: PetKingdom is a Play-to-earn game based on the Binance Smart Chain platform. A game that was recently released publicly to the community. The game has stunning visuals that support the narrative, in which you play as the avatar of pet warriors engaged in battle on the Solar System’s planets.


PetKingdom’s development team consists of talented, creative, enthusiastic, and industry-experienced designers. They made better use of their youth than the creators of other games had. A team has established and developed beautiful characters, a realistic and energetic gameplay background, and fascinating storylines.

Question 2: Next, please share with us the roadmap of PetKingdom in the near future.

PetKingDom: Stage 1:  The Earth

Graphic Designs of PetKingdom Warriors And Marketplace

Launch Social Media + Website

Airdrop starts from September 2nd to September 5th


Marketing / Private-Sale / Public Sale

LP added on PancakeSwap on September 6th

Public Launch NFT Battle on September 7th

Influencer Marketing and Media Promotion

Public Launch NFT Marketplace on time with the game

Coingecko, Coinmarketcap Listing

BSCscan Profile Updating

This is our Stage 1 Roadmap and we have finished 90% of this roadmap

the next steps include:

+ Open Marketplace

+ Open 4 more maps when the conditions satisfied: Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter

Finally, we will open RAID BOSS feature in the final map: The Sun

Question 3: Could you please update some latest news or big events of PetKingdom to attract more users?


Please check our statistics
We have just launched the game after 24 hours, about 8000 characters have been opened from incubators
$104.000 Gas fee saved for community and game ecosystem
thanks to our Zero gas fee mechanism
We have also listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Dappradar, Playtoearn.net, Dapp.com and further Dapp platforms
this will help spread out our brand awareness to more users

Trading Volume has also gone up 600% in the last 24 hours

Questions for Part 2 – Pre-collected questions from Twitter:

Question 1: Gamers mostly focus on playing games and are unaware of the fact that a Blockchain technology / world also exists for them to switch into. So how will you educate the gamers with zero knowledge of cryptocurrencies and things related to blockchain technology? @SilakYamon

Gamers have always been more excited about the in-game experience than anything else, so Petkingdom has created fairly engaging & accessible gameplay to meet the needs of gamers new to crypto. Moreover, we also have an easy understanding of UI in-game for all players can join and play. They can get used to the game mechanism only after a few hours of playing.
Easy-to-understand tutorials are also how we reach gamers.  We have created a series of 10 lessons on our Medium, which can be found here: https://petkingdom.medium.com/how-to-play-in-petkingdom-a0459d9a2ff3
Step-by-step guides will be announced daily for all new members can catch up with them. Besides, guidance by video on Youtube is a must with us in terms of training users (Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkkGhu82R1g)

Question 2: NFT and GameFi is becoming super trendy, does PetKingdom have some barriers to entry into this marketplace? Is there any way to improve the NFTs with extra items, thus getting better stats and price, or selling them for other cryptocurrencies? @Markma078

PetKingDom: 2. NFT is always an exciting topic for everyone, both inside and outside the crypto world. It is not difficult for us to start participating in the NFT market in general and Gamefi in particular. Everything is already mapped out when building the roadmap
We have standardized our NFTs format to bring it up for exchange on other platforms supported marketplace for NFTs.
We are also designing many new types of NFT and Pets, this will create a huge diversity in our game ecosystem

Question 3: Within PetKingdom platform users can use your Marketplace to exchange with other players and profit from their war spoils. So how will exchange within this market place be facilitated, what kinds of assets will users be able to exchange in your marketplace? @Lidiamga

PetKingDom: Currently, we will open the Marketplace in the next few days. Every in-game item (Characters, Items, Planets, Vitality) can be sold on the market. Pet & Items are easy to understand. Selling Planets is like selling a whole star with different resources and minerals on that planet. Vitality is for characters which help them to fight extra times and gain more ATK through time

Question 4: Does PetKingdom have any plan for burning $PKD tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness? Do you have a good marketing team, or enough financial resources to approach to more global community members?@MarielleScholf1

PetKingDom: sustainability based on our 3 most important features:
1. Zero gas fee
2. Limited NFTs on each map, and people can choose to Fusion (Burning NFTs) to join new map when it opens
3. All NFTs can go to final map to fight with BOSS to earn. Final boss reward pool comes from the transaction fee on marketplace. Players which play hard to gain high level will have higher ATK which will be great advantages when combat in The Sun map

We are also very confident that with our marketing operations team always dedicated to bringing Petkingdom to the next level, the product reaches millions of users.

In addition, the buyback & burn plan is also planned soon. We will reveal more in-depth at another time. 
We are also going to release the Black Hole – Which will be the Second Token in our Tokenomics which will be announced soon. It will be more specific for our users to understand what we will do next as we planned

the New galaxy will be much more interesting

we will sell Lands, resources, minerals in the new galaxy, people can earn by using their Characters to farm in the lands, planting electronic trees, staking for Vitality then sell

Question 5: After seeing the Roadmap, #PetKingdom vision is very good. but it needs a large user traffic to be sustainable over time. What marketing strategies have you planned to increase the validity of your brand? Are you planning a strategic partnership to level up your project? @zotov_mitya


5. We currently have many professional media partners in many regional countries like India, China,Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia, Japan, and Vietnam. 

Users are growing very fast even though we just opened 24 hours. You can check the live statistics on our website: petkingdom.io

Currently, nearly 8.000 characters opened and 100.000$ gas fee saved because we use a zero gas fee ecosystem.

We are also very open to backers and investors who want to help PetKingdom to develop.

Sustainability based on our 3 most important features:
1. Zero gas fee
2. Limited NFTs on each map, and people can choose to Fusion (Burning NFTs) to join new map when it opens
3. All NFTs can go to final map to fight with BOSS to earn. Final boss reward pool comes from the transaction fee on marketplace. Players who play hard to gain high level will have higher ATK which will be great advantages when combat in The Sun map. 

The key here is to maintain the stability of ecosystem, the players need to play hard. Who is lazy will earn less when the later maps open, especially the final map RAID BOSS: The SUN


Question 1: Security is the most important  thing to consider want starting up a  project, how secured is this project for users and investors? @Yangyang8272


The quickest way to reclaim your account is to contact service providers quickly. They have fast methods and procedures in place that make getting control of your account easy. 

However, this must be done quickly and decisively to avoid your sensitive information being taken.

However, since the transaction activities are very secure, the vast majority will not have the same issue as above.
Additionally, we will immediately establish a customer service staff to assist you in resolving the mentioned problems.

Question 2: community is an important asset to any project. How are you going to educate us that the project you are offering is long term? and do you have the funds and a strong team to be able to develop this project in the future? @Haramketu 

PetKingDom: Cummunity is what we devote all effort to it. To educate the community of playing games, we are trying to marketing in many ways:
+ Our content team will make a series of guidelines on our social channels everyday for training users about how to play
+ Explaination clearly about every updates
+ Build real-time statistics tracking method on our website
+ Make tutorial videos on Youtube to show people step by step in video.
+ Partners with many reviewers so they can help us to guide new members of how to start with the game
+ Our moderators team and BD in all regional groups will always be active to support community to solve their problems

Question 3: Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project? @xMakaha

We have many communities in non-English speaking countries, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Indo, Thailand, and so on. 
Rather than training the user about the game PKD, our local mod team, they’re doing a fantastic job promoting PetkingDom, and you can join the local group not using English here:

Philippines: https://t.me/PetkingdomPH  🇸🇽
China: https://t.me/PetKingdomCN 🇨🇳
Russia: https://t.me/PetKingdomRU 🇷🇺
Vietnam: https://t.me/PetKingdom_VN 🇻🇳
Indonesia: https://t.me/PetKingdomINDO 🇮🇩
Thailand: https://t.me/PetKingdomThai 🇹🇭
Romania: https://t.me/PKKRomania 🇷🇴

Question 4: Currently most investors only care about profits at the moment but ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give them some reasons why they should buy and hold your token in the long term? @terrorist_109


Sustainability based on our 3 most important features:

1. Zero gas fee for each battle

2. Limited NFTs opened on each map, and people can choose to Fusion (Burning NFTs) to join new map when it opens

3. All NFTs can go to final map to fight with BOSS to earn. Final boss reward pool comes from the transaction fee on marketplace. Players which play hard to gain high level will have higher ATK which will be great advantages when combat in The Sun map

4. Food Store: People need to devote their effort to collecting food distributed each 2 minutes. The harder gamers play, the more food the collect => more battles => more EXP => higher Level => higher ATK

5. ATK will be the key to earn more in the final map and the New galaxy + Black hole which we mentioned above. Gamers who are lazy will earn less later. This will make the game much more sustainable

Question 5: What is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you tell me 1-3 best features of your project that other projects don’t have to convince me and other investors to invest in your project for a long time? @Jayson765

PetKingDom: 1. Food Store
2. Marketplace
3. Fusion NFT
4. More Maps

For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:

📍Official Website: https://petkingdom.io/

⭐️Official Telegram Chat: https://t.me/PetkingdomOfficial

⭐️Official Telegram VietNam: https://t.me/PetKingdom_VN

⭐️Telegram ANN: https://t.me/PetkingdomANN

🔹Twitter: https://twitter.com/PetKingdom_Game

🔹Discord: https://discord.gg/YhcVaEhAdM




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