On October 15th 2021, our community had a chance to welcome David Ng – GamifyClub’s Co-founder to join in an AMA to share interesting information about the potential project of GamifyClub.
This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.
At this AMA, Mr David Ng directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on GamifyClub as well as some exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Time: 21:30 PM (UTC+7) | Friday, 15-10-2021
Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyVN
Airdrop: 200$ for members with the best questions.

Below are some main points of this AMA session:


1. Coming to our AMA today, could you give us a brief self-introduction. What is GamifyClub and how was it created?
David: Hello everyone! My name is David I am a co-founder of GamifyClub. We are building the all-in-one hub for the Solana Metaverse. What this means is that we are building an ecosystem of products servicing the growing GameFi ecosystem – including a Metaverse Marketplace, Guild Management System and Game Launchpad. My co-founder and I run a software development company and we have already been building some of the base of the products. In particular, we have a friend who managers a number of scholars for his own guild and approached us to help with the development. This was out first intro into the GameFi world and were so surprised as long-term gamers.

2. Please share the vision of GamifyClub and some great achievements it has achieved so far.
David: The products we are building will help grow the ecosystem, and is more than just another launchpad. The long-term vision is to be the first place that anyone goes to when they want to get started as a player, investor, a guild or even as a game in any of the new games within the Solana Metaverse. The market for these play-to-earn games is so large, particularly in underbanked places in the world. Our long-term ambition is to bring more expansive defi products to the players. For example if players are earning a substantial income, they’ve suddenly found themselves in a position with their net worth and main financial transactions being done in crypto instead of the banking systems.

3. Would you mind updating some prominent events of GamifyClub that you are planning to attract more users in the coming future?
David: In terms of development milestones, we are thankful to have already had experience building some of the guild management tools we are incorporating into the main platform. But the launchpad will likely be one of the first projects to release – we are hoping to have a development build ready in November to begin testing. We’ve also started to increase our marketing capability to help drive more awareness. For example we currently have an airdrop to Intersola community members. Community incentives will be used to increase awareness of us too!

CF: The information you provided is really fruitful. To continue today’s AMA session, please provide more information by responding to some best quesitons submitted by members on Twitter that I have chosen right in this Group.


Q1. From @MayaNguyen2305 
Gaming sector is extremely competitive and many platforms had to work very hard to reach their current user numbers. How can GamiflyClub compete with other existing gaming platforms and what extra will it offer to attract more users than the others? 
David: There are quite a few competitors popping up in the GameFi space as the sector is quite hot at the moment. They typically are focused on one part of the ecosystem for example just being a launchpad or just a marketplace. We decided to build an ecosystem of products, as by focusing on solving the needs of all the different stakeholders, we are able to create a network bringing together players, guilds, game developers & investors, in one place! 
Introducing our token was another way that we can attract users as our token entitles you to a percentage of fees coming from all of the products within the ecosystem. So you get the benefit of the network effect, with the incentives causing an increase in users, which in turn increases the value of the utility within the ecosystem, which in turn increases users etc.

Q2. From @MasanariToyko 
Being a gaming platform what are the games GamifyClub is currently supporting? Can users build their own characters in your platform? Are you planning to add more unique characters? And do you plan to expand your gaming features to non-crypto gamers with zero blockchain knowledge?
David: Our platform will be game agnostic at the start, for example any Solana based game that has uses NFT’s on chain can have their items listed on our marketplace with no integrations needed. Of course there are definitely positives to creating direct integrations with the games themselves, and we will look into this. 
In terms of getting non-crypto gamers with zero blockchain knowledge, yes and this is where all the interest in play-to-earn games has been coming from. In the Philippines or Indonesia, newer Axie players are likely doing so because it pays so lucratively (compared with local jobs) and have zero in-depth knowledge of crypto. In fact, most haven’t necessarily interacted with the banking system at all. Once users grow, we see an opportunity to build extra services on top that service not only the games but directly the users (defi related – for example helping them manage their income).

Q3. From @Ruinslife1
I strongly believe in the future of gambling games to win and GameFi, as a way to bring a new generation of players into the new financial system that is being built on defi. How is Gamify working to grow its gaming community and make it stronger?
David: Yes, we will definitely need a large user base to be sustainable, because this will mean more guilds using our guild management tools, more players trading Metaverse NFT’s and more games coming to our launchpad. We understand the power of partnerships and airdrops to incentivise people to come to our platform and form a strong community. Games and guilds will be the main targets of our partnership activities.
Part of the token economics also includes an allocation for community incentives which we will use to support bootstrapping usage of the platform. An example of this might be list-and-earn campaigns on the marketplace to increase the supply of NFT’s, seeding the marketplace.

Q4. From @bina_binbin1235
As an All-In-One Hub for the Solana Metaverse, could you let me know why did you choose to build on this blockchains instead of BSC or others with more versatility? Could you share more details of the products to be built and developed in the Solana ecosystem?
David: Solana was picked as we see it being the next big platform for play-to-earn games, and the Metaverse is growing every day. Whilst Axie Infinity is by far the biggest play-to-earn game, Solana in particular is seeing the launch of the next hot projects – for example Star Atlas and Aurory which have taken the crypto world by storm. We need to be where the best game projects are, and right now this looks like Solana. The low fees and great developer support are probably the biggest benefits we see.

Q5. From @Binh8889575
It is known as GamifyClub will conduct IDO on Intersola on October 21st. What are the requirements for participants of the IDO event? Are they reuired to pursued a certain amount of $ISOLA to be qualified enough? Any strategies for listing on CEXs/ DEXs in the coming future?
David: Great question 😊 This will be your first shot at getting your hands on GMFC. Please see their website and docs for more information, but you will just need to buy ISOLA tokens from Raydium then stake it on their website at least 24 hours before the sale. 

We will be looking at other CEXs/DEXs as we understand that they will also be more accessible for a larger among of users. But DEX’s are important for us as we believe in the decentralized future.


Q1. Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?
1. Our competitors are often specialising in only one product. We want to create a single place where users can go for all their GameFi needs. This will create the network effect as more users mean more value in the platform which in turn attracts more users.
2. We aren’t seeing a lot of guilds right now focusing on Solana. This is a key feature which we are hoping to really focus on making huge. 
3. Our GMFC token will let you receive a share of fees from ALL parts of the platform regardless of which you actually use. This means there will be a positive value loop for the GMFC token which will see it grow very strong.

Q2. Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?
David: Yes we will be listening to community feedback as our products need to match the needs of the users – getting product + market fit. Once we complete our initial development phase by the end of Q2 2022, we will be focusing on the next biggest problems that players or guilds face. In particular we want to look into solving problems around how play-to-earn players use and manage their income. The big world of defi awaits them.

Q3. What major partnerships does your project intend to use or how does your project bring its products to the average consumer – especially non-crypto users?
David: We are currently partnering with communities and other financial backers as we expand our marketing. After this we will be looking to lock in game and other gamefi project partnerships as they will increase our awareness with the community. To get non-crypto users, the games are the best method to onboard new users to the Metaverse. Axie for example has a very detailed guide on how to for example set up a Metamask wallet and then a Ronin wallet and bridge the assets across. This is very helpful for new users.

Q4. Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?
David: Yes we have come a long way! It is very difficult to start a project but we have thankfully had a lot of help along the way with the parts we had to learn from scratch. But a lot of the product development that’s happened has been because we have had prior experience building similar crypto projects like guild tools.

Q5. Do you have any plans to do airdrops and bounties to the users? How can we join them??
David: There is currently and Intersola airdrop to their community, but we plan on finding more ways to reward community members in the future. We have a lot of tokens reserved for community rewards and incentives to help drive usage and awareness for the token. They will most likely be tied to actual product usage.

CF: Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for GamifyClub in the upcoming IDO. We really appreciate the keen participation of our great community as well.
And for those whose questions didn’t get selected in this segment, don’t worry you guys because our Guest would love to answer them after the AMA in GamifyClub social channels:





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