On 28th January 2021, we had an AMA with World Token – $WORLD is a unique platform that combines the best tokenomics of current frictionless yield protocols for instant rewards with the additional benefits of staking in the upcoming marketplace. This way the best rewards can be guaranteed without any token inflation.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the lastest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

At this AMA session, CEO of the project – went live to greet the community and provide detailed information about WORLD TOKEN as well as several ourstanding key products and features.

Time: 08:00 PM (UTC + 7) on Thursday, Jan.28th 2021
Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyGroup
Airdrop 100 USDT includes 2 parts:

– 5 Questions in Google Form and Twitter ($10 each)
– 5 Questions in Free-asking ($10 each) 


Hereafter I will summarize some main points of the AMA session:

Part 1: Introduction of World Token

CF:  Let’s get started with Mr @worldtoken !  In Part 1, we will have some ice-breaking questions! 
1. First, could you please tell me some key features of World Token?

Mr. World Token: World is a frictionless yield platform that rewards holders, liquidity providers, and will support an upcoming decentralized digital escrow-based marketplace. Holders get rewards simply by holding tokens in their ERC-20 wallet. We’ll be putting a large emphasis on being newbie friendly with plans to create tutorials for how to set up metamask, how to trade on Uniswap, Add LP, how to stake, etc!
So our main product will be the marketplace that is being developed 🙂

CF:  2. Next, please share with us some hot news and upcoming events of the project.
Mr. World Token: Presale will be live on Jan 29th 1PM UTC. Link will be posted on our main tg group, announcements channel, and twitter so please follow them here:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldtoken_
Announcements Telegram: https://t.me/worldtokenann
Main group: https://t.me/worldtokenofficial

Once we are listed on Uniswap, LP staking will also go live. More updates on that in time!
For now everyone’s waiting to get in on that presale first! Contests and giveaways after launch as well!

CF:  3. What is the vision of World Token in the near future? What do you plan to expand locally as well as globally ?

Mr. World Token: The goal is to become open enough to bring in newbies who haven’t tried defi just yet. Ease of use and convenience of yield generation and platform use should help in achieving this goal, as well as our plan for more mainstream marketing than what has been widely used in defi as of late.
As of now we are working on different language groups for world token 🙂

Part 2: Pre-collected questions from Google form and Twitter

CF: 1. Currently there are litterally little information about your project. So please tell me 3 reasons why I should buy and keep $WORLD token and what I rewards can I get for staking token. @Nguyennhatminhh

Mr. World Token:  All currently available information may be found on the website https://worldtoken.network/. When new information is released, such as Uniswap links, dextools, staking, etc. it will be reflected on the website! 
First, you won’t actually need to stake the token. So if you have a small bag, the high gas fees won’t hurt as bad (you’ll only be paying the gas when you purchase on Uniswap) but you’ll still be able to earn a truly passive yield. 
Second, we haven’t even started our presale yet! Given the tokenomics of the project, it’s most beneficial to get in and accumulate as early as possible to earn as much yield as possible as well as getting in at a favorable price. 
Third, I don’t believe most projects have an ongoing marketing fund. Therefore we will have more power in the long run to continue to onboard new users – both existing defi participants and users who haven’t started in Ethereum’s largest ecosystem yet.

CF: 2. The liquidity of a project is what investors are interested in. How will you solve the liquidity problem of World Token  ? Do you have plans to list on major exchanges like Binance or Houbi? @dontkillme

Mr. World Token: Liquidity providers will be incentivized to do so for WORLD-ETH pair on Uniswap by the LP staking program. Scalable guaranteed block rewards every day! CEX listing is not an immediate goal but we will do so only on very large exchanges later on. Most of the exchanges don’t have that much volume anymore like they did back in 2017 so we will be very discerning about this should the time come.

CF: 3. As an investor, safety is always one of the biggest concerns. What kind of security protection do you provide for the World Token platfrom?How to ensure the safety of customer assets? @Prettyboy7

Mr. World Token: We have an audit completed and can be found here https://solidity.finance/audits/World/
This means a third party security firm has verified our contracts and was unable to identify any potential exploits or attacks that may be used against us. When the release of the decentralized platform is out, we will have an audit for every major release of the product for additional safety!

CF: 4. Marketing is an important factor to help bring the project to the community. Currently, I see your project is investing quite a large amount in marketing purposes, what are the objectives and target communities that you are prioritizing now? @Siena20741683

Mr. World Token: Our objective is to have our own presence in Facebook (as a group as we all know not everyone will be willing to migrate to telegram for crypto), as well as several regional groups to personalize and capture key countries who have or are upcoming with a thriving cryptocurrency community. 
We are also setting up banner ads to be displayed on several crypto-related websites!

CF: 5. This time is so high risk all price on market is change with fast every minutes. And we all know $ETH price is so expensive and it will be make all DeFi will be difficult to be sold if gas price not cheap. What your plan to keep survive on time like this ? @Wiliam02903656

Mr. World Token: There’s plenty of ways to get around high gas fees, such as partnering with one of the many gas cashback projects out there, or creating an option for a batching system on transactions (but this makes it a bit more centralized) on a layer 2. That is a bridge we’ll cross when we get there but I assure you our team is agile enough to handle such potential issues.

Part 3: Best Live Questions in CryptoFamily Group

Q1 from @nusrat1224: How many killer features of Your project that makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2-3 features ?

Mr. World Token: our main competitor is shopping.io, but unlike them we are not going for the big box retailers. Closer to the heart of defi, we are going for smaller merchants, such as indie game developers, content creators, etc. Escrow system will also add safety to these transactions, on top of our screening process and bond system

Q2 from @Hot_gf_H_2001: As you know Covid-19 has a large impact in the crypto Market, So How can your company maintain its project and also the team that are working hard during this pandemic?

Mr. World Token: Actually the fact is the pandemic has moved online sales tremendously, so online sellers, and content creators have greater need for a platform that won’t gouge their earnings via fees, what’s more is our platform will even let them earn more from their sales by staking it.

Q3 from @Lucky_Star_1704: What role do ambassadors play within the WORLD TOKEN ecosystem? What tasks must ambassadors fulfill and what are the requirements to become a  WORLD TOKEN ambassador?

Mr. World Token: All the transactions on the merchant system will be facilitated by smart contracts so it will be available in any location!

Q4 from @piontion: 
1-Increasing Token price
2- make Token Valuable
3-Building Community Trust
From 3 aspects above,. I want to ask,. Which one the most important for you??
If all above are important for you,. Which one that Will you do first??

Mr. World Token: nothing can be done without a community of course, so after our official launch, we will be constantly engaging with the community and building on it further!

Q5 from @Noname7229: Many blockchain projects in countries about the reality of the project are still just on paper. So what is your goal for your project and users to connect closer together and, furthermore, to be profitable for both parties?

Mr. World Token: A lot of old projects have been abandoned. On our side, you will see constant updates, milestones achieved, and engagement from our team with our communities, that’s how you’ll know that we are still working hard on the project.
We aim to release the first working version of the marketplace within Q2-Q3 of this year actually so that should be a big boost once we have beta version, then continuing to build on it should keep building trust to boot!

CF: You count it right! Seems like there are many things we want to learn about this qualified project, but also the time is up now. Thank you so much for taking your time to join our AMA today, as well as thanks for hundreds of good questions from our community.
For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys please feel free to search for more information on the links provided below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldtoken_
Announcements Telegram: https://t.me/worldtokenann
Main group: https://t.me/worldtokenofficial



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