In today’s AMA, CEO of Yellow Road – Mr. O had a chance to warmly greet the community and provided detailed information about Yellow Road and its key features, as well as some exciting news and hot events will be taking place in the near future.

Time: 8:00 PM (UTC + 7) on Saturday, March 27th, 2021
Airdrop 100 USDT for the best questions in the AMA.


1. Please introduce something about your team and Yellow Road.

Mr.O:  Yellow Road is a bright, unique, and engaging IDO platform to empower the most innovative crypto projects by leveraging the power of community. Yellow Road’s vision is to empower  projects, people, ideas, and ethics. The platform offers a range of funding solutions from smart auctions to community building and engagement programs for new projects.

Our team includes 7 members (and growing). All our founding team members including developers, designers and marketers come from the crypto industry and start-up nation. Each member has great experience of building businesses, leading projects and running killer marketing plans. We also have highly experienced advisors including Kha and Kal. We will soon announce two more advisors who will add great value to our platform.

We built Yellow Road from our own experience from a user, investor and business builders perspective which led us to develop an high-end IDO platform that all players in the chain can benefit from.

2. Next, please share with us the vision of Yellow Road in the near future.

Mr.O: Our vision is to create value for the Binance ecosystem via providing smart funding solutions for innovative and new projects by the power of community. We believe that projects need more than just “funds”, therefore we will use our community power to provide added value for those projects. 

On the other hand, our community will have the opportunity to participate in private sales access, without any GAS wars in new, promising and innovative projects that are built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

3. Are there any upcoming plans or hot events to attract more users in the Vietnamese market?

Mr.O: Sure! Actually we have just announced our new advisory board, Kal (Orioin founder and COO) and Kha (TomoChain Lead Developer), both bring huge value to Yellow Road. 

2 days ago we announced our first partnership (from many others) with Hapi, a cyber security on chain protocol. In the near future we will announce our new business partners and the IDO which should take place in the following days, so we encourage the Vietnamese community to join our channel and stay tuned on details how to participate in our sale!


1. The rise of the DeFi world made it essential for projects to scale at the lowest possible cost, we already seeing many projects to be built on BSC now. What tools is YELLOW going to implement to enable BSC projects to be triggered through a community-supported IDO platform? @Dorothy279knot

Mr.O: Great question! We are community driven in terms of providing added value to new projects. 

We intend to publish our community programs for IDO participation once we progress and get closer to the first IDO launch on Yellow Road. I can share with you that we aim to provide a fair participation opportunity to each user in our community, not just for whales 😉

But as i said earlier, projects need much more than just “funds” and we aim to provide them an A-Z solution starting from funds, quality community and use our strong relationship with key leaders to support those projects.

2. What are the priorities of Yellow Road in 2021? As we are in the bullish phase of the crypto market, are there any exciting initiatives that you’re planning in the pipeline that you can share with us? @datt15070090

Mr.O: We can’t share yet what was not announced yet, but the bullish phase is still with us and we are here to exhaust it as much as possible. I can say that users who are willing to contribute to our community and other projects on our platform, will be rewarded 🙂

3. Yellow Road is a brilliant, unique and engaging IDO platform to power the most innovative crypto projects by harnessing the power of the community. What role does the community play in Yellowroad? Do you have a large and cooperative community? @john_labby

Mr.O: We built our project in the last 4 month and just started the public phase, so we are building our community and aim for the best and quality ones. 

So far our community has grown, more offers for partnerships and many business proposals are also on the table. We believe that prior our IDO and after that we will be much bigger. We have a detailed business plan how to make it a huge success and we stick to it.

Indeed! In 1 week of being public we have over 1,500 users in our channel.

4. There is the fear of missing out, or we called FOMO, in the primary market right now, as we’re seeing a repeat of 2017. So  what is Yeallow Road planing to take on this phenomenon? @daole83765860

Mr.O: FOMO is a good thing for the market, it makes everyone vigilant and anticipate for future projects. 

However, we have responsibility for our community and will do our utmost to bring legit, promising and interesting projects to our platform in order to provide a comfortable and better opportunity to our community with IDO participation opportunities.  

I started my crypto journey since 2013, and i can tell you that this cycle is going to be different, mass adoption and probably be longer than 2017.

5. Please tell me some killing features of YellowRoad that make it competitive with other projects. How can you convince people to use YellowRoad’s products ? @Siena1820273

Mr.O: I like this question! There are several IDO platform out there, but I think we are doing it differently:

Focus on the user experience – start from a killer design to make things smoother and easier to understand, fair IDO participation opportunities to each user in our community, build a real quality community that is willing to contribute to Yellow Road and future projects on our platform and reward them accordingly.

In the business side – with our relationship with key leaders, great advisory board and our experience we are going to provide those projects the added value that every project in its initial stages needs – it worth much more than just “funds”.  

We have many ideas how to keep bring our platform to the edge, but we are going to do it step by step and accurately.


1. A lot of scam projects out there, guess what guarantees that your project is different from them.

Mr.O: 1. We backed bu top leader in the crypto market.
2. Our team include reputable, experienced and known figures in the crypto market
3. We raise smal amount of funds, even though we can raise much more!
4. Trust me after our IDO everyone will want to be part of our journey;)

2. Are you a global project or local project? Can anybody anywhere use Your project without any restrictions?

Mr.O: Good question, we don’t have restrictions on our users, our team based in several countries from east to west. The only limitation we have is according to the projects that will launch on us but we will do the best for having them to everyone.

3. Community is the key to success of any projects. What is YELLOW ROAD’s community expansion plan and what are your areas of priority? 

Mr.O: In 1 week we have more than 1,500 users. I believe prior our launch we will be close to 15,000 🙂 so there is a lot of place to growth.

4. Team members is an important part of a project. So, tell us how many team members do you have and how many developers are working for you?

Mr.O: We are 7 members and keep growing. 3 developers, 2 designers, 2 business/operation. We also have outsourced manpower of around 5 persons. All of us experienced, its not our first project and know exactly what we are doing.

5. Do you plan to build partnerships with local cryptocurrency developers and local project in each country to make the use of the token more global?

Mr.O: Exactly, we aim for communities globally and also specific projects that will enjoy our platform.

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