AMA Recap: CryptoFamily Trading x Taxi.Finance

On 17th December 2020, we had an AMA with Taxi.Finance - a decentralized eco-system running on Binance Smart Chain, with an infrastructure that give the platform the ability to eliminate token inflation. What's more impressive is that it has tons of features to help users earn and win tokens: Swap, Stake, NFT Betting, NFT Hunt, Games ... Its native token - TAX

The project has partnered with CryptoFamily Trading Group - the leading community of investors and traders in Vietnam, where people can obtain useful investment advice, receive signals from bot/ channel, discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

At CryptoFamily Group, CMO of the project - Mr. John - went live to greet the community and provide detailed information about the roadmap of Taxi.Finance project as well as its outstanding features such as Taxi Swap exchange, TAXI token, Yield Farming mechanism... He was pleased to announce the listing of TAXI on MXC exchange on December 18th with the trading pair TAXI/ USDT. Mr. John also revealed some hot airdrop events to reward users of the ecosystem.

Time: 19:00 GMT +7 17/12/2020

Airdrop $200 includes 2 parts:
- 5 Questions in Google Form and Twitter ($ 20 each)
- 5 Questions in Free-asking ($ 20 each)

Hereafter I will summarize some main points of the AMA session:

Part 1: Introduction of Taxi.Finance project

CF: 1. First, please introduce briefly about the occasions that lead you and your team to Taxi.Finance project. How can users earn and win tokens on the platform?

Mr. John: is a decentralized eco-system running on Binance Smart Chain, with an infrastructure that give the platform the ability to eliminate token’s inflation. On top of that are tons of features help you earn and win tokens.
We take this idea when sitting around a poker table, pay 10% of rake for the host and loose all of our money. We coming up with an idea why we cant be the owner of that game? Boom, Defi is a big thing in that time also. DEFI + Games Owner = Taxi.Finance

CF: 2. Why did you choose BSC (Binance Smart Chain)? Do you think ETH 2.0 to be launched next year will solve all existing issues of ETH and become the best choice for dApps instead of BSC?

Mr.John: 1. CZ gonna make BSC a big thing in DEFI, so we want to be one of the first project here. Not later
2. Ethereum is too expensives. But, we this will be next target for us, maybe, may be crosschain

CF: 3. What features does Taxi Swap bring to users that make it stand out from other available popular platforms? Do you have any solution to increase the liquidity for users in the long run?

Mr. John: To be honest, we dont really stand out from other platform because of our functions. We take inspiration from other platform in DEFI and Gaming Industry as we mentioned a lot in our articles. The thing that gonna make us stand out is how we connect all the factor to be the best value for all of the parties in Taxi.Finance. Theres no one gonna loose in our platform. Farmer will be happy with the inflation elimination, Players will happily spend their money in betting and games, NFTs collector and creator will happy with their NFTs. We happy with a small portion of cashflow in our platform. 
The liquidity for users in long run in our point of view can never be the profit from yield farm. its must be built on the infrastructor of big community, big cashflow. Thats why we believe that our solution will be a big thing in DEfi

CF: 4. Please explain a little about Yield Farming mechanism on Taxi Swap. 
What reward and innovative mechanism will the project have to stimulate buyers/ farmers to achieve tremendous growth, like some other previous farming projects?

Mr. John: Yield Farming in Taxi.Finance have 2 kinds:
Liquidity Provider Yield Farming: You can check out hyper inflation rewards phase an normal phase here at
Game Owners System: The system that you can stake TAXI to be the owners of a specific game with a specific profit. And the profit will be the "Rake" a small amount of the cashflow flow in that game. And this gonna make we different with others farming projects because Rake doesnt create Inflation!

CF: 5. Please name some major partners that you have been working with till now. What is your plan to expand the ecosystem in Vietnam market?

Mr. John: We work with IcoPantera to expand Korean Market and ChainX to organize our IEO.
Upcoming is some Exchange that I can't say now
Crypto Family is the first community in VietNam we work with and we will be expand more

CF: It's our pleasure to become your very first partner in the Vietnam market. Hope for more collaboration in the future to bring this quality project to a larger number of Vietnamese users 🥰🥰
@John_oktaxi Thank you for all the above useful information. 
I believe that after the detailed introduction, all members here have gained a better understanding of the project as well as some unique features it brings to users.
Also, all of them would love to hear more about Taxi.Finance, and they have many questions submitted to our Google form as well as Twitter today.

Part 2: Best questions from Google and Twitter forms

CF: Question 1 from @aciuea  
Only acquiring users, owners, etc. are not all. I think that the project needs to solve real-world problems or problems. What is the main concern of your project? 

Mr. John: Money, Entertainment is real world problems, isnt it? Our main concern is to create a platform where everyone is happy what they are doing, even earning or loosing. Thats why we create Defi Betting Platform

CF: Question 2 from @nelbban
"Token burning" is beneficial to any project because it can control the number of tokens in circulation and provide investors with greater incentives.
Does your great project TAXI have a plan for token burning?

Mr. John: Yes we have. We have The Law of Beneficiaries to allocate the way of profit generating and distributing in our plat form. For example:
All the Rake & Profit from the Cashflow flow in Taxi.Finance will follow these rules:
 “Big” for Owners (Game Owners and SCN Owners): Must Larger than 70% proportion.
 “Small” some for DEV: Must Smaller than 15% proportion.
 “Small” some to burn: Must Smaller than 15% proportion.
All of above rules can be change by the Community through DAO voting.
The Rake from Poker Table will be roughly 5% of the Cashflow. Follow the rules, this is how Taxi.Finance share this profit:

a. "Big" some for Owners (Game Owners): 70% of 5% = 3.5% Rake
b. "Small" some for DEV: 10% of 5% = 0.5% Rake
c. "Small" some to Burn: 20% of 5% = 1%

CF: Question 3 from @CryptoFreed0mm
Do users need to undergo KYC before they can use TaxiSwap services freely and safely? And What are the long-term benefits for Investors and communities using the TaxiSwap platform?

Mr. John: No you dont need to. Its the advantage of DEFI. 
the long - term benefits for Investor is depend on what you choose to be in our platform. There are tons of way to make profit long term with us.
If you have a big bag of money, you can be LPs or Game Owners or Super Car NFTs Owners. This is the best thing to be in our platform
if you have not so much, u still can be Game Owners or Super Car NFTS Owners, but make sure you faster than others.
If you good at gamble, show them your skills!!
if you good at create. Please jump in to NFTs market.
.... Lots of thing you can do

CF: Question 4 from @Vn69676675
How does TaxiSwap deal with other DEXs currently obstacles to accessing DeFi services : high gas cost with on-chain transactions, liquidity being fragmented to various protocols and services, trade fee, subpar UI/UX and lack of efficient market-making mechanisms ?

Mr. John: Thats why we choose BSC to be the chain we built on. The fee is really low and the speed is like The Flash. The only obstacle is new user dont know how  to use it. Thats why we open a Test Trade with the innitial pool of TAXI/BNB for people to start how to use BSC. And things are good, $TAXI is trading at 4-5$

CF: Question 5 from @huyenan1999
Investors need to have higher criteria for what projects they invest in! So what is the future TAXI FINANCE  strategy to attract new users and investors to trade comfortably and feel safe storing assets on TAXI FINANCE?

Mr. John: Taxi.Finance Is a strategy to attract new users and investors itself. We take the advantage of DEFI booming and the hungry of yield farming to attract DEFI users. Then with our Flow, All of these user will be our game players. So when the playground is already have players in there, new player will comes. When new players come, they have to use our platform to cash in and cash out. Thats how they approach DEFI and be our new investors. This cycle will keep moving on and on so it will booming in the future. Where investor dont really need to care about inflation on the assets and players always have big community to play with. Thats what we aim to do.

Part 3: Best Live Questions in CryptoFamily Group

CF: Okay, hopefully you can find more partners in the Vietnamese market to expand Taxi.Finance.
That is the end of Season 2.

Now we have 30 minutes of free questionnaire. In this session, all members will have 2 minutes to ask questions for @John_oktaxi today.
Feel free to ask and he will explain gradually in his response.

(2 minutes later... Thousands of questions have been submitted)

CF: Question 1 from @ami_hoe
There are a lot of carpet pulling projects on the bsc network, What plans do you have for stable investors?

Mr. John: We locked the innitial liquidity pool forever. Thats how we can guarantee that there will never have any rug pull

CF: Question 2 from @chaiuzbui
Which area are you focusing on at the moment? (DeFi, Stake,Dapps..) and what is your goals in this year ??

Mr. John: The most important thing that I'm focusing is Marketing. The most important thing of our platform is players. You guys will never come to a casino with no player right? thats what were trying our best to focus right now.

CF: Question 3 from @narju10
Most of the activities and platforms are in English. How will you reach non-English speaking local communities? Do you have any plan to conduct Ambassador Program?

Mr. John: We choose the multi language program in code. As you can see in our platform, you can see some of your language appear in the interface. Its depend on what is your keyboard language set up, it will automatic translate for you

CF: Question 4 from @janetjakson
How many killer features of Your project that makes it ahead of its competitors? Could you tell us 2-3 features ?

Mr. John: Non. Our function have nothing ahead from others. The only thing that we ahead a little bit is how we connect all the function and support together

CF: Question 5 from @Luvoissd
Stable coins are hottest topic in crypto by many project,so where does TAXI stand in this, Any plan for TAXI stable coin.What is TAXI 's strategy and Roadmap in 2020 ? What was the biggest milestone Mantradao had so far? What is plan in the next years?  

Mr. John: Stable coin is not in our plan. Our plan is keep increasing the value of $TAXI, So we will keep adding value to $TAXI, Burn it out by the profit, make it more and more valuable over time

CF: Thank you for all the above answers @John_oktaxi
Seems like there're many things to exchange, but I'm afraid the time is up now! For all questions that have not been answered yet, feel free to search for more information on the links as Mr. John provided above. 
Hope Taxi.Finance's ecosystem will gain tremendous growth in the coming time!

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