AMA Recap: CryptoFamily x 9D NFT

On November 8th 2021, our community had a chance to welcome Mr. Henry Pham - Game Design Manager of GIHOT STUDIO  to join an AMA to deliver fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of the project.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

9D NFT ( is the first martial art game in COGIVERSE - a MMORPG metaverse where gamers compete each other, build guild, discover new lands & own their favorite items. Players will attend many activities & enjoy the games for years thanks to a completely deep gameplay which is inherited from the successful "Cuu Duong Truyen Ky".

At this AMA, Mr. Henry Pham directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on the project  as well as some exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Time: 21:00 PM (UTC+7) | Monday, November 08th, 2021
Reward Pool:  200$ for members with the best questions.

Below are some main points of this AMA session:


1.  First, please briefly introduce your team and some main features of 9D NFT.

Mr. Henry Pham: Hello everyone, my name is Henry Pham, I'm currently 9DNFT's Game Design Manager & Art Supervisor. I have dedicated my past 8 years to game development, planning and content designing. 9DNFT currently has two main teams:  Production team and Community team. 

About 9DNFT: 9DNFT is an Martial Art based MMO game that allows people to interact with one another in the virtual world we create. Players joining 9DNFT are required to choose a character from one of the five sects 9DNFT has designed based on Five Elements System (Blade Master, Bow Master, Zither Master, Staff Master and Sword Master) as their main character to join the adventure of the “Dragons'' in a 3D world to discover new lands. Along the way, players can claim NFT items that can be traded on Marketplace.

9DNFT's special features that you should look out for are: 

-  MMORPG 3D Gameworld

- Play to Earn System

- NFT Items

- Metaverse Gaming Platform

- Marketplace

- 9D Wallets

2. Could you describe your current development status, market expansion plans, expected applications and some upcoming events to attract more users to the ecosystem?

Mr. Henry Pham: Of course! After launching the 9D NFT Alpha Test version and receiving a lot of positive feedback and valuable comments, very soon; in the mid of 2021's fourth quarter, we will launch the official version of the game with many new and interesting updates and content. As of right now, we are focusing on NFTs and Gaming, and as we have shared; this year's fourth quarter; our biggest goal is to release a full version to players. 9DNFT will IDO on BSCStation and Kardia on November 12th, 2021. Please look forward to it!

We are also in the process of developing a multilingual version. In the official version you can choose which language is suitable for you to fully experience the game. (Of course, we will initially prioritize languages that have a larger community of players, other languages will be gradually updated in the next versions).

3. Could you please let us know the biggest challenges you need to overcome to achieve your goals in the near future?

Mr. Henry Pham: 9DNFT is the first MMO mixed blockchain game. This is both a strength and possibly a weakness. Compared to other NFT games, the content and features of those game are much more simpler than 9DNFT. Because 9DNFT has a vast game world, it may be a little difficult for new gamers to learn how to play as well as how to level up,... To improve this problem, the team is also trying to post guiding articles about 9D gameplay more clearly.

CF: The information you provided is really fruitful. To continue today's AMA session, please provide more information by responding to some best quesitons submitted by members in Twitter that I have chosen right in this Group.


1.From @y1sus_afp. 9D NFT includes in its platform 2 types of tokens COGI and COD tokens, which are used as rewards? What is the profitability and usefulness of this double token system? Which one would be the most beneficial for users? What is the difference between one and the other?

Mr. Henry Pham: COGI is the governance Token in the COGIVERSE ecosystem and is develop on Blockchain technology to bring user their real life value through the game by  "digitizing assets". COGI will develop many more game project to form an MMORPG gaming system within the COGIVERSE. COD -  Crystal of Dragon is the digital currency used to incentivize in 9DNFT. It is inflationary, aiming to match the growth of the in-game economy and provide a solid monetary base for in-game economic interactions and onramps to enter the game. They are both essential to the vitality of 9DNFT/COGIVERSE.

I hope this information can help you have an overview of the 2 tokens and decide for yourself which one will be more beneficial for you.

2. From @Samanth8a. There are many NFT games now in spaces & new ones are released every day. Howver, one of the major problems of NFT games, is they are not gamer-friendly. They usually lack gameplay and storytelling. What kind of gameplay and gaming experience will $COGI bring to us?

Mr. Henry Pham: Considering the fast and rapid development of GameFi, as fast as; there can be 5 to 19 GameFi being launched on the weekly basic, IDO, ect. Yet among them: 

- What are the project that can be called "real game"?

- How many games can give users the feeling of "playing for real fun" or just a "money game"?

- How many projects have real products and did not stop at "ideas"?

We chose another way, we have a real product, released on Testnet for more than 500 people to try it out before even conducting IDO. Moreover, with the combination of MMORPG and Blockchain we embrace; we are confident this is the first and only project so far. This is our difference and also our strength to one day dominate the market.

In short, the differences 9DNFT has over other games, making up our strength are:

- 9D NFT has a complete product

- 9DNFT is a MMORPG instead of a stereotypical mini game like many other games on the market.

- 9DNFT has had a technical team of operation and development with many years of experience. We also inherit the success of Cuu Duong Truyen Ky, which has been doing well in Vietnam as well as some countries in the world. We also ensure the stability of the project over technical tests for the past 2 years, all of which had successful results.

3. From @chungnhancl. Currently, there are countless NFT gaming projects, some of which have brought real value to the community. Could you articulate on the key competitive advantages of 9D NFT and what innovations make you believe that it will be successful both in the short term and long term? 

Mr. Henry Pham: Our advantage is the ambition of bringing players a product that is truly different from the familiar MMORPG genre. 

Many users have been playing MMORPG since they were young, and even now (I believe many of you here are currently playing a MMORPG game, too). We want to revive that memory, that trend again, but this time it will be different from the past

Like I have mentioned in the question above, aside from the positive feedback on the Alpha test as will as a well - prepared foundation which is our team. Your entire "Play for fun" experience will bring real value to you in real life by Blockchain technology, by NFT... which we hope will bring us success in both short term and long term.

4. From @blackrose11221. 9DNFT is an NFT blockchain game. Most NFT games only focus on profits, as this is one of the major attractions of blockchain games. My question is, does 9DNFT focus more on the player experience in and out of the games to create a balance for playing and earn?

Mr. Henry Pham: With 9DNFT we thrive for the balance of both experience. For those who are more interested in the gameplay and vibrant MMO Martial Art world, 9DNFT has different activities and events players can explore and take part in to their heart's content, but at the same time, collect COGI token along the way. Such as:

- Dueling PVP, being in the top 1000 players will get COGI.

- When Leveling up, players can get COGI and COD.

- Killing monster on the normal map and has the opportunity to collect COGI, COD or NFT items of the same level as the monster's level.

- Hunting Boss to get COGI, COD and NFT items

- Players can receive Honor Points to exchange items to upgrade their characters.

- Trading NFT items: you can obtain most of the in-game items through monster killing, boss hunting, PvE, PvP which can be converted into NFT.

In addition to "Play to Earn" by playing the game, we will win back a part of the token to serve as a Staking Reward to benefit COGI Holders who have no time or desire to join the game. Specifically, we will announce this Staking program soon in Q1 2022 and launch in Q2 2022. But i can reveal to you that can use COGI to stake COGI or stake COGI to receive NFT items and sell them on Marketplace.

CF: That's a very detailed answer. I am sure the community has enjoyed it a lot

5. From @zhenghonggh

As #GameFi & #Metaverse emerged as a new phenomenon in the crypto world, how does 9D NFT put these concepts into practice and maximize the benefits for players? In which way participant can really engage in your in-game features as well as contribute to the future development?

Mr. Henry Pham: You've probably all heard of the Marvel University or DC University. Our ideas and ambitions are the same, we want to  create a virtual universe that links all of our products (MMORPGs) into one COGI universe - called COGIVERSE. Our project is not only 9DNFT, with 9DNFT being the first piece of COGIVERSE, but there will be 4 other big pieces coming out later to complete the greater picture of COGIVERSE that we have drawn. After the whole picture is completed, we will create  portals to connect all the puzzle pieces/MMORPG products, in the ecosystem, together. By then, your game is no longer encapsulated in 9DNFT or a small product. This game character can interact with other game characters. The assets of this game can be traded with other games in the ecosystem. All will create 1 Great Universe, 1 Lasting Value!

Thank you for the insightful question. I really appreciate the curiosity and interests you guys have on 9DNFT!

CF: Great to hear that from the team. Looking forward to the next big steps of 9D NFT to gain a grounded position in this crowded marketplace 🔥. That's the end of Part 2, I believe all of the members here have gathered enough useful information, also they have many questions to exchange with you today.


1.Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development. So what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

Mr. Henry Pham: Thank you @TerrenceMims for the intersting question

9DNFT is only the first step of COGIVERSE, our goal is to create a Metaverse of MMO games, Asia is the starting point; Europe will also be a "checkpoint" in the future journey. Following the COGIVERSE roadmap, there will be 5 major continents with different feudalisms corresponding to 5 major cultures around the world. The next game project of the COGI ecosystem is also the next puzzle piece of this map. The future game will have a European feudalism with warriors, witches, wizards, ect, And stories inspired by Norse mythology. This is exactly what we will use to convince gamers and the European community to be interested in our project.

2. What are the various benefits of holding the your tokens and from where can I buy your Tokens?

Mr. Henry Pham: This is also a very important question. Thank you @gpgrp121 for your insight. As a COGI Holders, you will be the one who will decide the project's developing directions in the future. Before each update planned in our roadmap, there will definitely be a voting sessions to consult with our COGI Holder and let the Holders contribute ideas for new or updated development features of the project.

And 9DNFT will IDO on BSCStation and Kardia on November 12th, 2021. So you can look forward to buy token there. 

3. Can the FEATURES contained in "9DNFT' make a difference and an advantage over your competitor's platforms? if so, name some of the 9DNFT of choosing "9DNFT'. have plans to develop a cross-chain to function in BSC?

Mr. Henry Pham: I found this question be to very interesting. Thank you @Winner_A_A for your question. 9D NFT is the first 3D Martial Arts/COGIVERSE NFT game in Southeast Asia. 9DNFT has a Collectibles & NFTs, Play to Earn mechanism and will plan to create a Metaverse called COGIVERSE. 9DNFT has already launched its Alpha Test while we are preparing for an official launch on PC & Mobile. About COGIVERSE, it is built on COGI, short for Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure. COGI is an Online MMO Game platform that uses Blockchain technology to bring users their real-life value through game by “digitizing assets''. Our goal is to create a community of gamers on the Blockchain platform, so our players can experience not only "Play 4 Fun" but "Play 2 Earn" gameplay with millions of people around the world through the COGI ecosystem.

The first product of the COGI ecosystem is a MMO Martial Arts game called 9D NFT with an inspiration of Southeast Asia (SEA) Culture. The game starts from the Eastern Continent called "The East Plains" - one of our five continents in COGIVERSE. It is the First 3D Martial Arts / Metaverse NFT Game in SEA. The team of 9DNFT is a strong and talented Vietnamese team with diverse experiences in the game industry and the hope of turning normal games into the future of digital assets. This martial art-based MMO game allows people to interact with one another in the virtual world we create. Before joining 9DNFT and exploring the Dragon lands, players will need to choose a character from one of the five sects from the game, based on the Five Elements System (Blade Master, Bow Master, Zither Master, Staff Master and Sword Master). Along the way, players can claim NFT items that later can be traded on Marketplace.

4. Community is one of the backbone of every project especially the new project in crypto ecosystem. How do you value your community? What benefits will you provide to your community? Do you have any ambassador programs or referral program?

Mr. Henry Pham: This question really caught my eyes, thank you @Iwpqnauz82.

Community for us holdy a great meaning. We wouldn't be able to achieve anything grant without you guys. Like a tree trying to survive in an blazing desert vs a tree supported by a full and complete ecosystem. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all of you who have accompanied 9D NFT during the past time, from the ICO Whitelist, to the Alpha Test phase and will stay with us in the next exciting events in the upcoming time. And rest assured, with 10 years of experience in game development and operation, our team can confidently contribute and bring the best value to the community. We have plans for you, KOL and our partners in the future. Follow us on 9DNFT channels.

5. Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Mr. Henry Pham: And to wrap up with @TESTUBEBABY82 question.  You can catch all the news about 9DNFT on our socials.

CF: Thank you so much for taking your time to join our AMA today, as well as thanks for hundreds of good questions from our community. 

Seems like there're many things to exchange, but I'm afraid the time is up now. For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information on the links provided below:


Many thanks to all of your answers in Crypto Family Trading Group today, we all hope 9D NFT will expand its ecosystem and gain mass adoption in the future! Hope for more chances to collaborate with your project someday. Goodbye and see you soon!