On November 20th 2021, our community had a chance to welcome Mr. Michael Kaldasch –  Founder & CEO of Aimedis B.V. to join an AMA to deliver fruitful information about the key features and roadmap of the project.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the latest news and signals from bot/ admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space.

🔎Aimedis (https://aimedis.io/) is a medical ecosystem – a medical NFT marketplace – professional healthcare tools – blockchain & AI – first hospital chain in the metaverse. At this AMA, Mr. Michael Kaldasch directly greeted the community and provided detailed information on the project  as well as some exciting events that will be held in the near future.

Time: 20:00 PM (UTC+7) | Saturday, 20-11-2021
Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyVN
Reward Pool: 200$ for members with the best questions.

Below are some main points of this AMA session:


1. First, please briefly introduce your team and some main features of Aimedis.

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Aimedis – an eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, founded by 2 medical doctors, which has been developed since 2017 and released in the current version 2020 for web, iOS and Android. Aimedis combines all relevant eHealth applications such as health records, video chat with doctors, appointments, prescriptions, second opinions, wearables, medical social media communication, eLearning, a unique medical and scientific-pharmaceutical NFT marketplace, while displaying all relevant operations in a private blockchain, visible and transparent for the patient. Aimedis builds the first virtual hospital chain inside the metaverse and adds to this new and fascinating technology. The Aimedis platform also contains dedicated tools for professionals like the Aimedis Virtual Hospital information system and online rehab, integrating VR/AR into the process of rehabilitation. The Aimedis token, which is tailored to the platform, is much more than just utility and payment tokens, it also offers staking, governance, DeFi (the first medical DeFi token) and the next hot trend in the field of cryptocurrencies, social token functionalities. Aimedis has offices in the Netherlands, the UAE and the Philippines.

The founders, Ben and me, are both doctors, been working in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and consulting for more than 12 years. The team consists of specialists from healthcare, the industry, the blockchain space.

2. How is your project progressing? How did you get started and what has Aimedis achieved since then?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: The platform went live in 2020 and is continuously expanded. This year we add the NFT marketplace, B2B hospital services like Aimedis Virtual Hospital & Rehab plus the first hospital chain in the metaverse that will be expanded over the next years and include interactive therapies, consultations, our social medical network AIMSocial and much more. We have live apps also in iOS and Android. And have hundreds of thousands of downloads over all platforms: Android,  IOS and web access.

3. Next, please share some upcoming events of Aimedis to attract more users to the ecosystem.

Mr. Michael Kaldasch:  We are constantly onboarding new members and aim for 1M users by the end of 2021. Events where Aimedis will be part of is e.g. the Arab Health in Dubai in January 2022, we will be part of the ECNR & DGNR 2021 and many more events are upcoming, we will announce each of the on our blog. There will be a lot of them in the upcoming time. A lot of partnerships in the healthcare space especially.

CF: Sounds really interesting. We’re excited for the exciting updates from the project


1.From @Nguyenhuybach12 – Currently NFT is in great demand in the crypto space,many projects come to this field & create great development both in technology and practical applications. so NFTmall will compete with how are they? What are the “new and outstanding” thing that AIMX bring to this sector?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Aimedis DataXChange is the first purely medical and scientific NFT marketplace and mainly targeting the B2B market. Only accredited institutions like CROs, pharma, hospitals etc. can mint the NFTs while everyone still can buy them, though mostly other health related institutions or companies buy the NFTs. Also the fact that pure data and most of the time NOT images or art or things like that will be on that market, differs it from any other NFT marketplace. The way data is monetized on Aimedis DataXChange will change the business of big data in medicine and science.

2.From @imad_clicks – Most investors are looking for short-term profits, they will sell the token as soon as it is listed on the exchange. So does project Aimedis have any plans to prevent investors from selling tokens early? Do they get any benefit from holding AIMX token? 

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Yes, first private and seed do have quite long vesting periods of 14 and 18 months, while team tokens are held more than 2 years at least. Staking the token for at least 6 months brings interest to the token holders and due to the fact that the tokenpool floating around will constantly shrink (staking, burning, hodling through institutional buyers) will be a good motivation to not buy and sell it instantly.

3. From @Damnguyen532 – Getting the trust of users in this bear season is indeed a big problem. What marketing strategies are implemented by to gain more user belief? On what factors should me as an investor invest? How are you planning to expand your market to non-crypto users?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Bear markets are always challenging as we have all seen in the years 2018-2020. We believe that most convincing strategies for invetors is to continue building a user and partner base as well as expanding service and tech-infrastructure.The thing is, Aimedis is not a planned project but a working company with more than 1.5M USD in revenues in 2020 and this year is aiming to at least doubling that amount. The token is a substantial element of many functions and perks inside the Aimedis ecosystem no matter if there will be another bear market. People are using and will use the system more and more and will have a lot of opportunities of holding and using the token. The platform has a large community and a good part of that community has never been in touch with crypto, especially doctors and older patients. We already have a big non-crypto user market.

4. From @DaiHuynh1386 – Do you agree that the community power will lead to further success of a blockchain project? Could you also please highlight more on the decentralization aspects using your technology? How is your marketing, game and blockchain mechanics different? 

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Yes we absolutely agree, the community both crypto and non-crypto, are a major success key. We decentralize the system by using a private decentralized blockchain that is based on Quorum with nodes outside of the company’s range and possession. We will even strengthen that decentralization aspect by offering users the option to share their e.g. smartphone space to store nodes and thus being incentivized with Aimedis tokens. And that is just the beginning.

5. From @KiyokoSumaru – Some NFTs are very rich in artistic value, however, how can you ensure that the NFTs showcased on your platform can meet customer demands and “needs”? Thus, can you explain in detail how you can evaluate NFT and connect artists with subscribers? 

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: NFTs published on Aimedis DataXChange fulfill all criteria of high quality medical data as we follow GCP (good clinical practice) and make sure only legit, high quality and COMPLETE data are being minted into NFTs while only specialized professionals are allowed to do so. NFT data is evaluated through the content itself while our platform will be the first to make it possible to finally pricetag medical and scientific data whose price was up to now only determined by the costs spent for a trial. We do not feature artists, at least not as a major part, we have some projects in terms of “scientific art” planned, but that is coming in 2022.

CF: Much appreciation to all the insightful answers from our Guests. The community must be really interested in becoming part of Aimedis. Let’s continue with the last part of today’s AMA: Live questions. In this free-asking part, all members will have 2 minutes to make questions for our Guests today. Feel free to ask and he will explain gradually in his answers.


1.Staking programme is very important for any project Token Sher , I wanna know Can i stake  your token? Do you have any plan of staking programme?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Yes we do have a staking program, any tokenholder that holds 200K or more tokens can participate and we offer 12.5% interest per year with a minimum hodl time of 6 months.

2. I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, does you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Yes, that is a very important step in our development. Please contact us via contact@aimedis.com. We have security specialists on board but appreciate more input anytime.

3. Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project??

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: The platform is actually running in 11 languages but a lot more will follow. Vietnamese is one these languages. We will also post the vietnamese whitepaper and company presentation here soon.

4. Is the goal of your Aimedis project primarily to reach large investors or will you build a global scale of millions of small investors?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: We are aiming for a large amount of token holders which is much better for the ecosystem an the stabilitsy and USAGE of the token.

5. Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: The whitepaper can be found here: https://www.aimedis.io/static/media/WhitePaperUpdate.6535e614.pdf … the Vietnamese version will follow shortly. Presale is completely sold out, thus it is still possible to register for a waiting list or trying to get into the seed.

6. I am interested in your project?  Where can I buy your tokens right now?  Is the price attractive to buyers?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Though presale is sold out, you can register for the waiting list or try to get a piece of the remaining seed. This is the form to register for the wait list: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSep9dvS6ZiXnnuX-SI0p1LP5Ddbt2d4S86uz0uqFfchPY5Aaw/viewform

7. One of the aspects of Aimedis that most attracts my attention is that it is also a data platform for pharmaceutical and health research. Exactly what kind of medical research could be carried out with the data and services that Aimedis offers? Thnak you so much!

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Hi Alex. Thx for the important question. Actually every pharmaceutical trial that depends on data collection and long term observation can be supported by the system. Additionally we bring stakeholders in healthcare together to combine valuable information in Form on NFT’s so that these information become traceable and secure. We are going for a big multicentre trial for breast cancer for example that will inculde data from multiple university hospitals. So every institution will join with a part of the data that then will be integrated into an nft giving the opportunity of multiownership and transparent royalty distribution for example when sold further to pharmaceutical companies.

8. Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users ?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: The platform is suitable for everyone. Patients, families, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, emergency services and many more

9. Do you have a whitepaper?  if yes please share it with us and secondly are you working to AUDIT your project, to make its security more secure and reliable?

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Yes, please see the link in one of the answers. The token is actually audited by CERTIK.

CF: Thank you so much for taking your time to join our AMA today, as well as thanks our members for rasing hundreds of good questions for the project.
Seems like there’re many things to learn more, but I’m afraid the time is up now. For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information on the links provided below

➡️Website: https://aimedis.io
➡️ Telegram: https://t.me/aimedisAIMX
➡️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/aimedisglobal?s=11

Mr. Michael Kaldasch: Thank you so much for the opportunity to present our project and company. We are overwhelmed by the interest this community has given to us. Please feel free to contact us via contact@aimedis.com or as here via our social channels.



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