On July 10th 2021, our community had a chance to welcome PortNetWork – the first supplier on the market to package both systems in one. Volunteer & Cloud Computing based on a blockchain.

This AMA was held by CryptoFamily Group – the top crypto community in Vietnam, where investors and traders can obtain the lastest news and signals from admins, as well as discuss and share investment experiences in the crypto space. 

At this AMA, the PortNetWork directly greeted the community and provided detailed information as well as some key products and future plans.

Time: 08:00 PM (UTC + 7) on Saturday, July 10th, 2021
Venue: https://t.me/CryptoFamilyGroup 
Airdrop 200 USDT for the best questions in the AMA.

Below are some main points of this AMA:

Question for Part 1- Project overview

Question 1: Firstly, can you give me a brief introduction about your team and PolkaBridge? What are the occasions that lead you to the blockchain industry and this project?

PortNetwork: Nice to be here! My name is Janusz Siuda and I am the CEO of Portas GmbH. Together with my team we are launching soon our Port Network, a system which combines Volunteer and Cloud Computing while utilizing the blockchain and our native PORT token, which you can buy on our ICO right now on.

Question 2: Next, please share with the community some latest project updates in recent time.

PortNetwork: We just started our ICO recently and sold 4 of our phases already, collecting almost 1 million USD in a short time frame. One good week ago our marketing campaign just started, next Friday for example we will have a big header banner on DexTools to further distribute our project to the people!

Question 3: What are the objectives and goals that you plan to achieve in the forthcoming future? Please let us know your plan to expand in the Vietnamese market.

PortNetwork: In Q3 we will continue our marketing efforts for our PORT ICO.
In Q4 we will end the ICO and launch our software “Port Network” for the public. We are aiming to sell all of our 50 phases, if this is not achievable all unsold PORT tokens will be burnt.
In Q1 2022 we will then start the real big marketing campaign for our software Port Network, followed by the integration of prominent partnerships in our network.
We are not only trying to expand to the Vietnamese market, but to whole SouthEastAsia, as we think this is a very interesting and growing financial market! We hope this AMA is a good headstarter for our future in the whole region.

Questions for Part 2 – Pre-collected questions from Twitter:

Question 1: What about cloud computing security? Certainly many companies remain concerned about the security of cloud services, although breaches of security are rare. How secure do you consider your cloud computing service from hacks and smart contract vulnerabilities? @Greyhair_08

PortNetwork: This is a good question Greyhair_08!
Regarding smart contract vulnerabilities, we just recently got our smart contract audited and got an outstanding result from that.
Furthermore, when our product “Port Network” will go live, we got an experienced IT-security team in our company who will constantly monitor the stability and security of our systems.

Question 2: Please tell us more details about your referral programs and other campaigns to attract more users. What is PortNetwork revenue model to maintain your development in order to create win-win benefits to both investers and your team members? @KieuRestina48

PortNetwork: Our referral system is one of the main pillars of our marketing campaign and it offers a 20% commission bonus for everyone who attracts friends, families and other users to our platform.
Even the people who uses the invite link will get a 10% bonus on top of their buys!
Our revenue will be generated from the running system. People use an amount of PORT tokens to buy storage or CPU power, while the people who offer these resources will be rewarded with the PORT tokens from the buyer, minus a 20% administration fee.
75% of the fee will be used for the revenue of our company, while 25% of the fee will be burned to guarantee PORT scarcity.

Question 3: Please give an overview of PORT token economics. Does it include any scarcity mechanism such as staking, buyback or burning to control total supply and maintain price stability? How do you keep the balance between developing the technology and increase the value of your token? @HarleyHley119

PortNetwork: We issued 100.000.000 PORT in total. 50.000.000 are reserved for our ICO, 25.000.000 for marketing and the referral system, 10.000.000 for the team (with a 2-year-token-block), 10.000.000 for our advisors and 5.000.000 for our bounty campaigns.
All tokens that are not sold in PreSale or are not used for the bounty campaigns will be burned forever.
We do not implemented any staking mechanism, as we believe that as soon as the staking is over people will flood the market with their staked coins and the staking rewards and suppress the price, as you can see with all the other staking projects out there.
The value of our token will rise by the natural demand of our services and furthermore, as already mentioned in the question above, we will burn 25% of the PORT we will gain as a revenue through our system.

Question 4: The reasons that businesses use Cloud are: Easy access, high document recovery, security, can be shared quickly, environmental protection, .. In addition to these factors, what are additional features that make businesses trust and use your products? @Aberzika

PortNetwork: We were latest featured by the biggest names in the industry! YahooFinance, AssociatedPress, CoinMarketcap, BitcoinCom, AMBCrypto and more wrote about us!
We are an established German company with a highly experienced team. Furthermore we are the first company who combines Volunteer Computing and Cloud Computing while utilizing the blockchain for these services.
Therefore we are not just an unique project with an unique approach, we will launch a big marketing campaign as well.
Right now we already got a big marketing campaign running for our PORT ICO, while the marketing campaign for our product “Port Network” will be even bigger and will include TV spots and more to get attention from potential customers and providers.

Question 5: Launching projects in a bull run is obviously much profitable than during the bear cycle. In a bear run where most of the projects fail and sometimes gone into oblivion, how will Port stand the test of times? What strategies do the project employ to mitigate possible losses? @Pinkun8351

PortNetwork: Well, we are not sure that we are really in a bear cycle right now, we see it more as a deeper correction during a bull market, as many altcoins lately saw an outstanding increase of value already.
Secondly our ICO is not being affected by any price movements of the rest of the market.
Actually, due to the nature of our attractive phase system, people are even more interested in our ICO during a bear market. We see a great demand for our ICO all the time!
As for the running product, even if we get into a bear market in the future, our system does work flawless in a bear market, as our customers will pay with PORT but based on a fixed amount in FIAT for our services and therefore the demand for PORT would be even higher if the price will get lower, therefore a higher burning rate will occur. Our token economics are well thought of!


Question 1: Many people want to learn about your project but they have problem with English, so do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have a Marketing strategy aimed at developing many different communities such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, … about your project so that they can easily communicate and understand Project.

PortNetwork: Exactly for this reason our website www.portnetwork.io is available in 8 different languages already!

If you miss any further languages, do not hesitate to contact us!

Question 2: Currently in my opinion one of the ways to attract more users would be to collaborate with youtubers or influencers, do you plan to develop this marketing strategy so that your project grows?

PortNetwork: We actually got featured by the YouTuber “SatoshiStacker” with 200.000 followers. Furthermore many small YouTubers with 10.000-50.000 followers featured us already as well.
We plan to continue this marketing approach, while additionally putting banner ads everywhere!
We are listed on the best ICO websites as well!

And many more!

Question 3: Only getting users, holders etc is not everything. In my opinion, a project needs to deal with solving a real world issue or problem What is the problem that  your project primarily focuses on?

PortNetwork: I fully agree with you! Too many projects out there are just copies of existing ideas, solve no real world issue or are simply stupid meme-coins or scams.
We, as a registered German company, solve a real world issue by providing storage and CPU power for the people who need it, while people who have to much of it can offer it and make money.
This is not only economically- but as well environmentally-friendly!

Question 4: Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

PortNetwork: Due to our innovative ICO phase system, the profit for our investors starts within the ICO phase already!
Furthermore we not only choose a business strategy where there is a lot of natural demand for PORT tokens (CPU power and storage has an ever-increasing demand), but our system will continually burn 25% of the fees we collect.

Question 5: what’s your token price in market? Tell me how your token deferent from others???
How I can buy your token?

PortNetwork: Right now our token is still in the ICO PreSale.
Our innovative phase system will raise the price of PORT with every phase.
It started at 0.20 USD at phase 1, while right now in phase 4 the price is at 0.23 USD already, ending at phase 50 with 0.69 USD.
PORT will then be listed at 0.80 USD at several exchanges, supported with ALL the available liquidity!
And it will not stop there! Due to our smart tokenomics, our burning strategy and the natural demand for our system and therefore for PORT tokens, we realistically expect the price of PORT to be way above 1 USD soon after the official listing and market launch of our software!

For all of the questions that have not been answered yet, guys feel free to search for more information or ask directly to them on the links provided below:

Website: https://portnetwork.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/Port_Network
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/portnetwork/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PortnetworkI





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