What is Boson Protocol?
Boson is a blockchain protocol for trading assets in the real world and their data in the form of non-fungible token vouchers. The protocol allows smart contracts to deploy state non-fungible (NFTV) token vouchers whose state changes as they pass through Boson’s core exchange mechanism to manage redemption, mediate collision and reverse.

The Boson Protocol is a fundamental primitive protocol which solves the digital to physical redemption problem to enable decentralized autonomous commerce and a tokenized economy of things, powered by DeFi, linking smart contracts with real-world commerce and its data to power the decentralized autonomous commerce revolution.

Enable an open thing economy 
Boson Protocol disrupts ecommerce platfroms with thing token flowing around an Open thing economy.

Each type of NFT commitment token can be purchased with a specific cryptocurrency called a Thing token. Because Thing tokens are standard (ERC20) tokens- think ‘generalized unisocks’, they can be transferred and traded using standard crypto infrastructure such as wallets and exchanges. Most powerfully, Thing tokens plug into DeFi infrastructure to enable liquid digital markets for any Thing. This includes using decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Balancer and Uniswap to enable price discovery and yield optimization of existing products, and crowdfunding of future products via Initial Thing Offerings (ITOs).

Boson Thing tokens are fully interoperable and composable within the DeFi ecosystem which enables “liquid marketplaces of physical assets by enabling real-time discoverability, usability and payment .”

The vision of Boson

So, the company ultimately plans to offer a wide range of use cases, from allowing users to buy as diverse as cars and groceries, to allowing exchanges. Crypto exchanges and crypto credit card providers grant real-world rewards in a crypto-native way.

The goal is “To become the world’s public, open infrastructure for commercial transactions and their data”.

The project is creating “blocks built for next generation dCommerce applications” by providing a solution to redeem blockchain tokens for physical (real goods) partners in the real world. To start this new dCommerce stack, Compatibility is the cornerstone of the Web3 ecosystem, and the project announced integration and collaboration with a number of key companies in the tokenized economy or a larger digital space, including Ocean Protocol, Eidoo and Centrifuge from the Polkadot ecosystem.

The token model of Boson
$BOSON is the native utility token of Boson Protocol.

$BOSON tokens accrue value from a minimally extractive fee for coordinating transactions and when third parties access data via the Boson Web3 data marketplace. This enables Boson to unlock two planetary-scale value pools:

The $BOSON token serves 3 specific purposes:

  • GOVERNANCE: $BOSON tokens are used by participants to govern Boson Protocol, ensuring consensus around critical decisions and the issuance of funds from the dCommerce DAO.
  • STAKING: By using $BOSON to make commitment deposits, Buyers and Sellers may reduce their network fees for coordination of transactions. This locks-up $BOSON and reduces circulating supply.
  • INCENTIVIZATION: $BOSON tokens are used to incentivize actions across the system in a number of ways. Firstly on the supply side, $BOSON reward supply acquisition via Aggregators and Sellers, and supply quality via Curators. Secondly on the demand side, Relayer marketplaces earn fees In Bosons to incentivize distribution of inventory. Thirdly for data sharing, Buyers are incentivized to share their data in return for an equitable cut of the value it creates.

Achievements and big partners
In February 2021, Coinlist’s World’s Best Crypto Projects Success-Promoting Platform announced “Boson Protocol is one of 7 Coinlist Seed projects that won Coinlist Seed 2021”, focusing on introducing the CoinList community to cutting edge, early stage crypto projects.

The project received a funding round led by Outlier Ventures, Boson Protocol was in the Outlier Ventures Base Camp, an incubator for early-stage startups. Venture platform Outlier Ventures has invested in Fetch.ai, Sovrin, Ocean Protocol, DIA Data, Enigma, Cosmos, Parity, and Chainlink. Boson is sponsored by Web3 Foundation, an organization very familiar with the cryptocurrencies community, they promote the development of innovative technologies and applications in the field of decentralized software protocols.

Trent McConaghy, Founder of Ocean Protocol is also the Investor and Partner of the Boson Protocol. In addition, other Boson Protocol partners include dexFreight, Ocean Protocol, Centrifuge -Polkadot, Orion Protocol, Gather Network, Lead Wallet, CoinBurp …

Duck Dao, a cult launchpool, has also included the Boson Protocol in their portfolio. They are considered to be launchers to add value to “super hype” projects.

The future of Boson
Boson Protocol is honored to partner with a number of companies and projects, own groundbreaking ideas with a world-class founding and consulting team, develop early evidence of concepts and use cases that will one day become not only dCommerce ecosystem but also the Commerce industry as we all know it. The project has the opportunity to disrupt current e-commerce and bring real-world non-monetary assets into the decentralized blockchain space.

On the social side, Boson is increasingly being noticed by a large number of Blockchain technology devotees and cryptocurrency lovers around the world. Boson is really overwhelmed with 14,000 followers on Twitter, 10,000 members of Telegram and this number is constantly growing. Strong communities and KOLs are mentioning their names, a project worth waiting for in the new year 2021.


WEBSITE: https://www.bosonprotocol.io/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BosonProtocol
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/bosonprotocol
TELEGRAM VIETNAM: https://t.me/BosonProtocolVN
WHITEPAPER: https://docsend.com/view/dji32gp25wi5929i 




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